Bidets – a better idea than you might think

Here are 10 good reasons to consider a bidet, together with what to look out for when choosing one

Why a bidet offers fresh thinking

·      An eco friendly splash – say goodbye to toilet paper and your share of inching out our planet’s tree resources, with millions of trees lost in service of our bottoms every year here is one way to make a difference.

·      Economy – sure you have to buy your bidet, but from day one, every roll of paper you don’t buy helps to offset the initial cost of your new bidet.

·      No cries for help – not only do you save on loo paper, you also never run out of your chosen cleaning product (water) at the worst possible moment.

·      Water works better! Dry paper versus a stream of cleansing water seems like a no brainer in the hygiene department. Plus, depending on the model, some bidets operate hands free. Say good bye to bacterial spread.

·      Bidets offer comfort. Again, dry paper versus a stream of cleansing water – it seems obvious which our skin would prefer.

·      Haemorrhoids – going to the bathroom doesn’t have to be a horror story. Suffers of haemorrhoids benefit greatly from using cleansing water over sandpaper, or rather toilet paper.

·      Easy to use for young and old – whether it’s toilet training your three year old or helping your 80 year old Mum with her independence, the ease of use of a bidet has big plusses for those at both ends of the age spectrum.

·      Medical conditions – this might mean providing post-operation comfort when most needed or offering an easier bathroom alternative for those with diminished use of their arms or with any other disability that makes using a conventional toilet difficult.

·      Menstruation – whether heavy or light, the convenience and easy cleaning power that a bidet brings, is a welcome advantage

·        Space and time – many modern bidet options are installed in place of or under a toilet seat on a regular toilet. This increasingly popular option avoids the need for a separate, space hogging bidet unit. In addition, these discreet versions are easy to install – taking minutes rather than hours.

Okay, I’m half convinced – are there many styles of bidets?

There are a few fundamental types of bidets available with those tucked in under the toilet seat or replacing it being the most popular

·      Ceramic or stand alone – your classic-look European-style bidet requiring its own space and its own plumbing. This age-old classic has the disadvantage of having to move to the bidet for cleaning after the main performance. One plus of the stand alone bidet is a great sense of style. Some stand alone bidets also come with some of the functions of the more high-tech options – such as temp control for warm water, which does seem a worthwhile feature.

·      Spray or handheld bidets – these are fundamentally a hose and sprayer connected to your toilet plumbing. Advantages include precises control over water angle and pressure, they’re easy to use and are also quick and easy to install

·      Toilet seats, or built-in bidets – this combination option means shopping for one appliance not two. A built-in bidet used to simply mean an ordinary toilet seat with water jets set directly beneath. These are probably the future of bidets worldwide and here in New Zealand. It is this style of bidet that increasingly comes with all the bells and whistles – think pulsing water, water temperature control, seat heating modes, self-cleaning, soft closing, and yes some even come with water music and night lights. Perhaps, understandably these are not the cheapest option.

·      Bidet attachments – these are also growing in popularity. This bidet option tucks snuggly in under an existing toilet bowl and is both affordable and understated with the same eco-friendly and hygienic advantages as built-in bidets – albeit with less features.

I think I’ll give this further thought – what should I be thinking about when choosing a bidet? What’s right for me?

·      Price matters – with versions available in the equivalent of anything from a scooter to a Rolls Royce, there is a price point for every wallet. The cheaper versions will likely be a simple attachment to your existing toilet, with basic spray functions. However, as you invest more money, you can get a bidet with more and more functions – see the long list above. If economy is key, then a bidet attachment or an handheld bidet are affordable option that fulfil all the key requirements of a bidet – eco-friendly, hygienic and comfortable. If money is less of an object then a built-in bidet offers functionality plus (and then some).

·      Mechanical or electric? – The main difference between the two options is that a mechanical bidet uses the water pressure and temperature of your home’s plumbing, while electric versions include motors to enhance these functions and power a plethora of other features along the way.

·      Which functions really matter? If you choose an electric bidet you will face a myriad of features to consider. Obviously, this is an individual consideration but there are some key considerations.

·      Remote advantage – Many bidets include a remote control to change settings like water pressure or the warmth of the water – these are particularly advantages if you have an elderly or disadvantaged family member as the remote controls are much less awkward to use when seated – just don’t leave that remote out of reach from the toilet itself.

·      Softly, softly, all quiet here – A soft-close lid is another practical feature for the elderly, for children in a rush, and for lovers of no sudden crashes.

·      Two nozzles are better than one – this is particularly true for some one wanting a feminine wash as well as the usual undercarriage clean up. Also self-cleaning nozzles are an advantage for hygiene reasons, as are stainless steel versions over plastic ones.

·      Extras - some bidets feature extras such as a heated seat, different water settings and air dryers. Like a heated tile floor for your feet, heated seats are great for those chilly days. An oscillating or water pulse clean isn’t vital but it helps get the job done faster. In terms of air dryers, you’ve used those hand dryers at the airport - these are versions for your derriere.

·      A decent warranty – seems obvious but if you buy a function-rich bidet then there are just more things to potentially go wrong. A warranty brings peace of mind.

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07 Mar, 2021

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