Your guest room might not suitable accommodation right now. Worry not, here are some tips to give your guests the hotel experience

This guest room by Emma Morris is floor, flooring, home, interior design, real estate, room, suite, wall, window, wood flooring, white, gray
This guest room by Emma Morris is Ralph Lauren inspired

The guest room is a part of the home that doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves – until it’s too late.

If you’ve ever had guests unexpectedly come to stay, you’ve likely experienced this embarrassment firsthand.

Worry no more – there's plenty of ways to create a warm and welcoming guest room that you’d be proud to have anyone stay in.

Blum's LEGRABOX drawer system ensires your guests furniture, table, wood, orange
Blum's LEGRABOX drawer system ensires your guests will have enough space

Make space for them

The guest room often doubles as a spare room where your hoarded belongings pile up.

Whether it’s underused gym equipment or old clothes, these items can take up a lot of space. Their presence, if not dealt with, can make your guests feel uncomfortable.

Move anything you wouldn’t want to find in a hotel to somewhere more suitable like the garage or a storage closet. This includes making closet space for them.

This will allow your guests to feel more at home, as if the space is truly theirs.

Is it boy's club or girl power? bed frame, bedroom, home, interior design, property, real estate, room, suite, wall, window, gray
Is it boy's club or girl power?

All about the bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in a guest room. Your guest will surely want a good night's rest, so if a budget’s in place, this is one place not to skimp on.

A firm mattress works best, you can add a mattress cover on top if the guest prefers a softer surface.

Alternatively, a good quality air mattress offers versatility (especially if you don’t have a specific guest room).

Dress your mattress with the highest thread-count sheets you can afford. It might not seem like it, but it can make a big difference.

Add a heavier duvet in winter or light blanket in summer. Finish with an ample amount of pillows so your guest can have as many as they choose.

Place a rug under the bed for added comfort first thing in the morning.

A nicely dressed nightstand completes this remodeled bed, bed frame, bedroom, chest of drawers, drawer, floor, flooring, furniture, hardwood, home, interior design, laminate flooring, nightstand, room, wall, wood, wood flooring, gray, black
A nicely dressed nightstand completes this remodeled apartment by Gary Lee Partners

Nightstand essentials

If you know you have guests coming, you can set the side table or drawer accordingly. There are a few things that are commendable.

If you don’t have a light switch within arms reach of the bed, a table lamp is crucial. Your guest fumbling around a dark and unfamiliar room won’t leave a great impression.

Keep some essentials bedside in case your guest forgets anything. Travel-sized toiletries, tissues and a spare phone charger are great additions to a bedside table. Having a printout with the Wi-Fi password is also handy.

Incense or a diffuser, a small vase of flowers and a carafe or bottled water add a final welcoming touch that your guest will surely appreciate.

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Harrisons Blinds and Shutters look great and allow for a restful night's sleep

Let there (not) be light

Like beds, curtains and blinds are another factor that can affect sleep.

Some people are very light-sensitive sleepers. For this reason, blackout window coverings are the best way to go. This way your guest won’t be kept up or awoken too early.

Having window coverings also provide privacy for your guest, should they have to change clothes or want some alone time.

This sitting area would look inviting to chair, floor, flooring, furniture, interior design, living room, table, wall, white
This sitting area would look inviting to any guest

Final touches

A coat rack can be a useful addition for guests. This makes the room less cluttered and they will have somewhere to hang things like an overnight bag and coat.

Have a rolled up towel in the room so your guests won't have to ask for one in the morning.

Mirrors can make a space look bigger – since the guest room is often the smallest, it can be useful to include one. This provides a place apart from the bathroom where your guests can primp themselves.

A sitting area is beneficial to have as some guests may not feel comfortable sitting on a bed. Placing a seat near a window will give your guests space to have a breather after a long day.

Don't be afraid of personalisation. It's your home so your guest room should reflect you and your taste. Some well placed photos will make the space feel more like a home for your guests.

Come on over

There's a lot you can do to prepare for incoming guests. 

Even if you can only manage a few small changes, it's bound to result in a more pleasant experience for them.

So if someone has to stay the night, you can proudly say "be my guest".

Story by: Loukas Tsitsiridakis

17 Sep, 2018

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