7 steps to selecting your new carpet

Carpet is an excellent choice for flooring in key areas of your home. But what do you need to know before you head off to a flooring retailer? Here’s a helpful list of the most important things to help you find the perfect carpet for your family and lifestyle – courtesy of Cavalier Bremworth.
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Selecting your new carpet Step 5 – Style

STEP 1ColourThe appearance of colour can change in different environments, so it’s important to view your chosen sample under daylight and artificial light before making your final decision. And remember – darker colours can make a room appear smaller, whereas lighter colours can create a sense of spaciousness. STEP 2Price and qualityCarpet is one of the most affordable flooring options. It's usually quoted in linear metres (1m long x 3.66m wide – the dimensions of a standard carpet roll). To convert to square metres, divide by 3.66.For quality assurance, look for the independent Australian Carpet Classification Scheme performance rating label on the back of the sample. STEP 3Durability and gradingsRemember to ask about the independent grading your favourite carpet has received from the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS). This is the best consumer indicator for carpet performance and durability. Keep in mind the lowest performance rating offered by ACCS is Residential Heavy Duty – which sounds hard wearing but these carpets are at the lower end of the scale in terms of quality and performance longevity. To be assured of quality, look for a Residential Extra Heavy Duty Plus Stairs 6 Star rating.STEP 4Wool or Solution-dyed Nylon?It's a win/win really. Both wool and SDN carpets are hard wearing, luxurious underfoot and feature stain resistance properties. The biggest advantage of a SDN carpet is its ability to hold colour in areas exposed to long periods of direct sunlight. Wool is hypoallergenic, fire resistant and helps to naturally regulate moisture, creating a warm, dry and healthy home. STEP 5Choosing the right styleCut pileCut pile carpets are incredibly luxurious underfoot, in fact, they're currently the most popular carpet style throughout Australasia. Depending on the fibre type, some cut pile carpets show footprints – called tracking – (which generally vacuum out) and plusher cuts can show permanent shading, which you can read more about in our carpet care section. A quick tip – if you have cats that like to scratch or claw the floor, a cut pile carpet is your best option.Loop pileLoop pile carpets offer an array of stylish textures and designs, ranging from a minimalist appearance through to bold, unique patterns. Although loop pile carpets don’t show tracking and shading like cut pile carpets, they can still show traffic patterns in areas of the home that are repeatedly walked over in the same area (eg hallways). Loop pile carpets are not recommended for pets that have a tendency to claw at furniture and carpet. Cut and loop pileThese carpets are a clever combination of cut pile and loop pile construction with the cut piles contrasting with the loops to create a distinctive pattern across your floor.STEP 6Lifestyle needsKids? Pets? Sunny? We're here to match you with the ideal carpet for your lifestyle. There's an option for every home, so Cavalier Bremworth has created a Carpet Selector Tool to help narrow down your search.STEP 7Order samplesOnce you’ve decided which carpets you love, arrange for samples so you can see what they will look like in your own home. A quick tip: once it's installed, your new carpet will generally appear about 20% lighter than the sample.Find more helpful advice about carpet at Cavalier Bremworth


May 31, 2018





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