Trends has been synonymous with providing inspiration, ideas and information to the housing and commercial markets for over 30 years. During this time the company has been at the forefront of introducing new production technologies and new ways to reach audiences. First established as a print media company, Trends now offers an integrated approach across multiple channels including print, online, digital and social.




Trends Media Group Timeline

  • 1982

    Dryden Johnson Group formed by David Johnson and partner Gordon Dryden. The business grows into a substantial marketing and publishing company and evolves to produce the Trends series of titles

  • 1982

    Trends Home series in New Zealand

  • 1987

    Commercial Design Trends in New Zealand

  • 1990

    Trends series in Australia

  • 1993

    Trends series in Singapore

  • 1995

    Trends series in Malaysia and Hong Kong

  • 1997

    Kitchen Trends in the United States

  • 1998 – first Trends website

  • 1999

    Trends series in the USA – ten titles a year, distributed by TimeWarner

  • 2000

    Original – one of the first media websites to give online access to all print content

  • 2001

    Trends TV – a digital production unit creating online and offline video content for Trends and its clients

  • 2007

    Trends China – 12 issues a year

  • 2009

    Trends Digital International – web, social media and other online business development and strategies

  • 2010

    Trends India – 10 issues a year

  • 2011

    T2 – In-house Creative Agency – a full agency service across all media

  • 2012

    Content available digitally in eBook and App versions

  • 2014

    Trends – an innovative digital platform connecting homeowners, professionals and suppliers

  • 2015

    Increasing audience reach for content through eNews strategy plus social strategy, especially Facebook.

  • 2016

    Optimisation for mobile

  • June 2018

    Trends launches 3.0

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