Detail-oriented thinking

The extension of this large family home blends seamlessly with the original heritage property Read more

Shedding light

This north-facing villa makes the most of the natural light with an open-plan extension Read more

Hidden extras

Dropping the floor, rather than raising the ceiling, allowed a small, awkward ensuite to become much more spacious and practical Read more

Rough diamond

Once a band rehearsal space, this loft has been re-invented as an expansive, open-plan, four-bedroom apartment Read more

Built with precision

This home's custom-designed fittings have a seamless finish, as the components are precision cut to fit together perfectly Read more

Tranquil approach

A demure roof profile, ample glazing and an emphasis on natural elements all help this home feel like part of the lakeside landscape Read more

Together apart

A walk-in closet in opalescent green glass affords a layer of separation between the bedroom and bathroom in this open-plan suite Read more

Treat yourself

Appliance selection is a critical aspect of any kitchen renovation. Whirlpool kitchen appliances are designed to transform your kitchen in more ways than one Read more

Entertaining resort style

To provide high-tech, well-equipped kitchens, the developers of this resort community specified a full quota of Fisher & Paykel appliances Read more

Generous heart

Once made up of many small, cramped rooms, this 1970s home now features expansive, open-plan interiors Read more

Let there be light

Once a gloomy house lacking outdoor flow, this villa's transformation has let the sun in, and provided an open-plan space that adds a heart to the home Read more

Sustainably so

Getting the fundamentals right is the secret to any project. This is also true for eco-friendly jobs Read more





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