Switch your lights from dingy to different. The X-Sign and X-Sign F4 are innovative, adaptable and easy to install

Lighting provides an opportunity to add genuine ‘wow’ to your home, and yet traditional lighting can feel stale and underwhelming.

It's time for something different.

Italian LED experts DOMUS LINE™, distributed in New Zealand by Fit, have two new additions to their LED lighting range: X-Sign and X-Sign 4F are a unique take on LED feature lights.

The X-Sign comes in a right angle, so makes a great fit in corners that may lack access to good light – under cabinets and shelves for instance.

You won't be squinting while cooking with
You won't be squinting while cooking with the X-Sign placed under kitchen cabinets 

The X-Sign 4F is flat and works well on other flat surfaces around your home, such as walls and ceilings.

Installation of these 24Vdc LED options is fast and easy, minimising your costs.

If you want to give your home a more distinctive and modern look, this is an exceptional option to consider.

For more information on the X-Sign and X-Sign 4F visit FIT's website.

The X-Sign 4F makes a great addition bed, bed frame, bed sheet, bedroom, box spring, couch, floor, furniture, interior design, mattress, room, wall, gray, black
The X-Sign 4F makes a great addition to your bedroom wall

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01 Oct, 2018

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