With RH Cabinetmakers individual requirements are the expected

When you are a skilled woodworking team that crafts carpentry-quality storage solutions for throughout the home, every piece is custom designed for its situation

How do you get the most storage/functionality out of your available space and have it look spectacular at the same time? 

Whether it's for your lounge, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or hall, the answer is to employ woodworking specialists RH Cabinetmakers to create high-quality, carpentry-style constructed cabinetry solutions that fit not to the inch, but to the centimetre.

Here are three diverse examples of RH Cabinetmakers' elegant and enduring handiwork. 

This home by Scarlett Architects was a 2020 Waikato/Bay of Plenty Architecture Awards Winner and DINZ Best Design Awards 2021 Finalist with cabinetry solutions throughout by RH Cabinetmakers.

At the hub of the home and beside the central sheltered courtyard, the custom fitted kitchen was crafted following the architect's drawings and installed by RH Cabinetmakers. 

The joinery was crafted and precision-fitted by RH Cabinetmakers, so if everything looks like it is snugly fitting down to the last millimetre (because it is).

In the main bathroom, the vanity cabinetry was also completed following Scarlet Architects' drawings, with the finer design points, construction and installation all by RH Cabinetmakers. 

The children's bunk room also features RH Cabinetmakers' precision designed and fitted work. 

This was only some of the work that the company finished for this award-winning home.

For this contemporary kitchen, the custom-designed hand-built cabinet carcasses are constructed in sturdy 18mm thick Prime Anthracite Melamine with 2mm thick PVC edging, while the durable double waterfall island and perimeter benchtops are in 20mm thick Caesarstone, Alpine Mist.

Ensuring the kitchen is as much a pleasure to use as to look at, the crafted custom cabinetry is backed up by Blum cabinetry hardware. 

Whether, a contemporary or classic design, the same rules regarding handcrafted, finished workmanship apply. 

This colonial-look kitchen by RH Cabinetmakers features all the skilled detailing associated with the style. 

This includes 18mm customwood doors, drawer fronts and panels finished with solid timber bead.

This is why RH Cabinetmakers’ work is seen in some of the finest homes in Auckland and word of mouth recommendations continue to be one of the artisanal company's primary source of new projects – simply because the work speaks for itself. 

If you’re looking for a quality kitchen then contact RH Cabinetmakers: 3/3 Cunard Street, New Lynn, Auckland; phone: 09 826 3511; email: enquiry@rhcabinetmakers.co.nz; or head online here

Designed by: RH Cabinetmakers

Story by: Trendsideas

27 Feb, 2022

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