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Clay bricks and roof tiles can be used to add warmth to the industrial influences of contemporary architecture CSR Bricks & Roofing are clay specialists
This house uses bricks and roofing tiles to architecture, building, cottage, daylighting, facade, home, house, property, real estate, residential area, roof, window, white
This house uses bricks and roofing tiles to create a connection with the city's past.

Australia has a long tradition of brick- and-tile houses the red brick exteriors mirroring our red dirt landscapes. While brick has long been known for its functionality, it is now receiving a contemporary makeover to complement a variety of new materials. The iconic Australian dwelling for mum, dad and two and a half kids is giving way to brick houses that are sustainable and modern.

While the homes look a little different, the same qualities that made traditional brick homes so popular are still a major feature. Kim Roughan, product manager for PGH Bricks & Pavers¢, says that clay brick and tiles have a natural advantage over other materials.

"Clay brick and roofing products have inherent thermal mass, which means with proper sustainable design principles, they can retain much of the energy they absorb. This means buildings can reduce their reliance on mechanical heating and cooling, thereby reducing energy consumption, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions," says Roughan.

The slender profile of the Smoke Split bricks architecture, building, daylighting, facade, home, house, interior design, line, real estate, wall, window, wood, brown
The slender profile of the Smoke Split bricks gives this house a streamlined feel which is mirrored by the louvres below.

Another feature that is increasingly popular with today's environmentally conscious homeowner is the sustainability of bricks and tiles.

"Clay bricks and tiles are extremely durable. They are natural, create minimal waste, and are easily recyclable."

Another benefit, that seems a far cry from the conformity of the traditional brick home, is the variety of design possibilities now available.

The bricks are Smoke Splits, part of CSR's brickwork, daylighting, facade, line, siding, wall, window, window blind, window covering, window treatment, wood, wood stain, gray
The bricks are Smoke Splits, part of CSR's modern living collection.

"Brick is supremely versatile, and has long been a popular choice amongarchitects and building designers. Now, with our recently developed Colour Match technology, choosing a brick or a roofing tile is even easier. Whether you are matching up historic buildings, or working with the large variety of composite materials that are available, bricks can be used to achieve any look," says Roughan.

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Nov 06, 2007
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