With a deep excavation, articulated facade and bustling central location, Lot 3 demanded a diverse skill set from builder Canam Construction

A mix of retail, hospitality, offices and studios with a complex construction and facade design, Lot 3 a specialist commercial builder Canam Construction

Lot 3 comprises two buildings and a two-level apartment, architecture, building, city, commercial building, condominium, downtown, facade, house, mixed use, neighbourhood, property, real estate, residential area, town, black, white
Lot 3 comprises two buildings and a two-level underground carpark. Innovative steps were adopted by Canam Construction to ensure the site remained dry despite the ground water level being much higher than the excavation levels.

Centrally situated at 134 Ponsonby Rd, Lot 3 is set to weave a new strand through the rich urban fabric of Ponsonby. A mix of retail, hospitality, offices and studios, all intersected by laneways and spilling into sun-drenched public spaces, the project presents integrated urban architecture at its finest.

Designed by Jasmax and built by Canam Construction, the multi-faceted design and its tight inner-city location made for a complex build.

The development consists of a large two-level underground carpark with two buildings on top, says Canam's managing director Loukas Petrou.

"The main building is a four-level structure with retail and hospitality outlets on the ground floor and three levels of offices above. The other building known as the Wedge has hospitality outlets on the ground floor and two levels of offices above.

The public spaces at Lot 3 were fitted architecture, ceiling, daylighting, house, interior design, gray
The public spaces at Lot 3 were fitted out by Canam Constructions sister company Canam Interiors.

"Because the site is in the heart of Ponsonby, at the busy intersection of Ponsonby Road and Mackelvie Street, with buildings on the adjacent sites, access during the build was a real challenge."

In addition, Canam had to deal with noise and traffic issues to ensure that the surrounding retail outlets were not negatively affected.

The job included excavation of 12,000m³ of material, most of it below ground water. A top-down approach was taken for the construction of the basement. Then came the installation of rock anchors and sprayed-on concrete retaining walls.

Rising above the carpark, the two buildings consist of a hybrid structural system of precast elements, in situ concrete, structural steel, pre-stressed concrete, and profiled metal decking. It required detailed accuracy from Canam to ensure all elements integrated seamlessly.

Canam Interiors undertook several tenancy fit-outs at Lot institution, interior design, office, gray, black
Canam Interiors undertook several tenancy fit-outs at Lot 3.

The exterior envelope, with terracotta rain screens, hinged metal frames with Ferrari fabric, electric roller blinds, and folded zinc cladding, also required an exacting set of construction skills.

In addition to meeting the complexities of the main building shells, Canam also dealt with the multiple work phases, co-ordination, and integration of several tenancy interior fit-outs at the same time.

For details, contact Canam Construction, phone (09) 836 3069. Website: canam.co.nz

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17 Jun, 2015

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