Why more Kiwis are choosing Swim Spas over conventional pools

Swim Spas boast many advantages over their traditional counterparts – from reduced running costs to year-round use. It's clear to see why New Zealanders are choosing to soak in the superior Swim Spa

The Swim Spa market is on the rise, according to Galaxy Spas General Manager Henry Wallace.  Due to advances in technology and craftsmanship, Henry and Galaxy Spas have been at the forefront of that growth.  He believes there are a number of reasons why more Kiwi’s are opting for Swim Spas in place of more conventional pools:

Reduction of the buyers time and money

While lighter on the wallet for running costs and regular maintenance, Swim Spas are also considerably cheaper to install than conventional pools, and can often be installed in a single day instead of the weeks of labour involved in conventional pool building.

Year Round Use

Galaxy Swim Spas have in-built temperature controls and maximum insulation, meaning you can enjoy your spa in all seasons.

Space Saving

With medium density housing and smaller sections becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s housing market, Swim Spas are the practical option for spatially-conscious homeowners and developers.


Galaxy’s endless pool swimming system provide beginners to experts another exercise option, right in their backyard.


Stand up massage walls, full body massage lounges, and hydrotherapy seats ensure Galaxy Swim Spas cater to those looking to relax through to hydrotherapy for a range of different ailments.

To find out more about Galaxy Swim Spas, including their October Sale, visit  https://www.galaxyspas.co.nz/swim-spas/

Story by: Trends

Photography by: Galaxy Spa

08 Oct, 2018

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