What to consider if you're planning on renovating your home

Here, we take a look at some of the things to keep in mind when beginning a home renovation

There’s no shortage of reasons to renovate your home. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the paint in the living room, or you’re thinking that maybe a guest bedroom would better serve as a home office. 

Before you get started on your journey, take a look at our simple thought starters below. Depending on the reason for your renovation, there will be different things you need to consider – check them out below:

Renovating to stay 

If you aren’t planning on leaving your home anytime soon, there are a few things to consider with your renovation: 

  • Will your family change? You may want a more spacious kitchen for growing kids, or a smaller space if they’re planning to leave home.
  • Bathroom a little dark? Consider skylights or additional windows.
  • If you never use the dining room, consider transforming it into a lounge area and placing a breakfast nook in the kitchen.

Renovating to sell

If you’re about to sell and move somewhere else, here’s what to keep in mind if you’re thinking of renovating: 

  • Prioritise fixes over additions. Forget that new outdoor area for a moment; bring your old kitchen up to current standards.
  • Keep it neutral. You’re not designing for yourself here, but for future buyers, so forget that orange feature wall. Design for the widest possible market.
  • Ask an expert. Consider getting in touch with a real estate agent. What are the current trends? What are buyers looking for in a home?
Figure out exactly what your aim is with architecture, ceiling, house, interior design, table, white
Figure out exactly what your aim is with the project and then work out how much you’re willing to spend. 

How to get started 

So you want to transform your old bungalow into something more contemporary? Great! But how do you get started? 

1. Pull all of your ideas together 

A scrapbook or online collection of your thoughts and ideas is the best way to start your project. Research new homes and other renovations, saving what you like and making notes of what you don’t. In addition to helping you form an idea of what you want your future kitchen to look like, a collection of your ideas is an extremely useful to a designer. They can distill your ideas into something you’re going to be happy with.

2. Decide what you want to do – and how much you’re willing to spend 

What’s the scope of your project? Are you updating the facade? Adding a new bedroom? Renovating the kitchen and dining area? Figure out exactly what your aim is with the project and then work out how much you’re willing to spend. 

3. Put a plan in place 

With your ideas in hand and a budget mapped out, it’s time to speak to a designer and have a chat about timelines. The key thing here is figuring out what you’ll do while your home is being renovated. You may need to find somewhere else if the project is going to involve tearing into walls and putting your kitchen out of commission.

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