What are clerestory windows?

Want to light up your home with natural light? Clerestory windows may be the way to go

Clerestory windows are a great way to light door, home, interior design, window, white
Clerestory windows are a great way to light up a home

If you've ever viewed a contemporary home on our website, chances are you've come across clerestory windows. Ever wondered what the term means?Higher lightUnlike traditional windows, clerestory windows run along the top of a structure's wall, in most cases up to the roof line. They can be large single windows or groups of smaller windows – but the goal is the same. Given that standard windows are only effective for a certain amount of time during the day, higher windows mean more light for longer.The term was originally used to refer to the upper levels of churches, clearing out an entire story of a building to bring in natural light. Simple right?Check out examples here

Story by: David Renwick

31 Oct, 2017

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