Wet room Shower Enclosures: Advantages & Considerations.

  • Wet room Shower Enclosures, also referred to as “Wet rooms” are becoming more and more desirable. They’re also a great way to add value to your home.

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How do Wet Rooms differ from traditional showers?

Wet rooms are basically bathrooms which offer an open, fully tiled, waterproofed shower area. When deciding on installing a wet room, it is important to ensure that you use professionals to design and install this for you. Water drainage and the best waterproofing over entire floor area is critical to ensuring no hidden problems with your bathroom.


  • Latest trend, very classy and adds great value to your home
  • Makes better use of space in smaller bathrooms – removes the bulky and clumsy shower structures to create space
  • Easier to clean, offering a more hygienic solution. No difficult areas to clean where grime can build up.
  • The accuracy in waterproofing is generally much more efficient and effective than standard bathroom builds. This offers better protection against damp or mould issues.


  • To be really effective you need to tile your wet room from floor to ceiling
  • For small bathrooms, consider placing a glass fixed panel to help keep the splashings in control and avoid wetting your towels
  • Use waterproofing experts to make sure this is done correctly and code compliant in order to avoid problems down the line

It is recommended to install undertile heating in your wet room as the heat generated from the floor will speed up the drying time, which once again makes it easier to keep clean and mould free.


  • We use stain-resistant grout for the tiling as this will not only prevent the floor from looking dirty but will help keep your bathroom clean and hygienic
  • Bathrooms are waterproofed with weldable sheet membrane and enclosures custom built using 10mm glass
  • Installation – Entire bathroom completely waterproofed and ready-to-tile over within 24 hours
  • 15-year warranty on product and installation
  • We issue a PS3 Certificate from the council on completion of the project.

Still not sure if a Walk-in Shower is a good option for you? Feel free to speak to our team and they will provide you with all the information, considerations and advise to help you make an informed decision.

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31 May, 2018

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