Warm welcome – 5 steps to carpet heaven

Affordable, NZ made and luxurious underfoot – here are some key considerations when choosing a wool carpet from Bremworth 

1. Colour

The appearance of colour can change in different environments, so it’s important to view your chosen sample under daylight and artificial light before making your final decision. 

And remember – darker colours can make a room appear smaller, whereas lighter colours can create a sense of spaciousness. 

2. Price & warranty

Carpet is one of the most affordable flooring options. 

It's usually quoted in linear metres (1m long x 3.66m wide, the dimensions of a standard carpet roll) – to convert to square metres, divide by 3.66.

All Bremworth carpets come with an extensive 6 point warranty package. 

It's important to read the terms and conditions to ensure you understand what is included and how to care for your carpet.

3. Durability & grading

All Bremworth carpets are exceptionally durable. 

The best way to measure durability is to look for an independent grading like the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) Residential Extra Heavy Duty Plus Stairs, 6 Star Grade label that you'll find on the back of all Bremworth & Aspire Collection carpets. 

4. Going natural

Synthetic carpet fibres are plastic and wool fibre is a natural alternative, offering superior design and performance on your floor.

Not only is it hard-wearing and luxurious underfoot, wool is hypoallergenic, stain resistant, fire resistant and helps to create a warm, dry and healthy home.

Wool is also 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Choosing the right style

Cut piles

Cut pile carpets are luxurious underfoot. 

Depending on the fibre type, some cut pile carpets show footprints – called tracking – (which generally vacuum out) while plusher cuts can show permanent shading. 

A quick tip – if you have cats that like to scratch or claw the floor, a cut pile carpet is your best option.

Loop piles

Loop pile carpets offer an array of stylish textures and designs, ranging from a minimalist appearance through to bold, unique patterns. 

Although loop pile carpets don’t show tracking and shading like cut pile carpets, they can still show traffic patterns in areas of the home that are repeatedly walked over in the same area (i.e. hallways).

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26 Feb, 2023

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