Versatile in the extreme – why builders love bamboo

Plantation Bamboo offers a range of building products, including Bamboo X-Treme Decking and Bamboo X-Treme Cladding  – here's why bamboo is a winner

The wood of the future

You may not have considered Bamboo as a viable building material for your project – however, the products that Plantation Bamboo offer are incredible for many reasons, not least the inherent advantages of the material itself.

Natural beauty

Sleek, sophisticated and stunning, bamboo suits both modern and traditional decors – making it a versatile product that brings a natural touch to any environment. 

Plantation Bamboo products can be finished with a range of colour oil/stain/lacquer options to create an array of eye-catching solutions for your building projects. 

Strength and endurance

Bamboo is extremely hardy and durable and can be used in many heavy duty applications. 

A super-effective building material, bamboo has greater tensile strength by weight, than steel – and it withstands compression better than concrete! 

Today, sustainability is key – and bamboo more than fits the bill

Eco-friendly bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, growing up to 1 metre a day! 

To be renewable, a material must come from a natural resource – and bamboo is rapidly renewable. 

In fact, it only takes 4-6 years for bamboo plants to reach full maturity. 

Bamboo also minimises C02 gases and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.

Easy to work with and install

Flooring – Plantation Bamboo's pre-finished compressed bamboo click-locking flooring makes for a quick and efficient installation, whether you're an installer or a DIY’er.

Decking – Plantation’s Bamboo's X-treme Decking has a special clip system to make installation quicker and more attractive (with no visible fasteners showing). 

Cladding – Bamboo X-Treme Cladding panels are profiled into an overlapping cladding board for ease of use and maximum protection.

Panels – the company's bamboo panels are also a breeze to work with over a wide range of internal joinery solutions – and with light sanding provide a beautiful, smooth and natural finish.


Bamboo flooring is well recognised for its hypo-allergenic properties.

A healthy inclusion for your budget, too

Bamboo provides a great value-for-money option for many building projects – across a wide range of joinery solutions, decking or flooring needs. 

An investment in Plantation bamboo will provide lasting value and enjoyment.

The miracle that is bamboo.
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Are you a homebuilder, owner, residential architect, house designer, commercial architect or landscape designer? 

If so, and you want a strong, beautiful, durable, and highly sustainable & stable building material then visit the Plantation Bamboo website for more details

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06 Aug, 2023

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