Understated charms

A new barbecue shouldn't detract from your landscaping design the Integrated Barbecue from Electrolux keeps a low profile

View of outdoor area which features outdoor cooking architecture, courtyard, furniture, home, house, table, white
View of outdoor area which features outdoor cooking equipment available from Electrolux.

A love of the outdoors is often accompanied by a love of open air cooking. However, with an ever-increasing emphasis on designing and celebrating alfresco entertaining areas, it is important that any appliance sits unobtrusively within its surroundings.

In response to this, Electrolux has released the minimalist Integrated Barbecue, that can fit seamlessly into a variety of garden settings.

The clean-lined barbecue's smooth, linear form can create a sculptural feature, as pictured here, or can work with any landscape design and complement an array of materials. In addition, controls are located on the top of the barbecue, allowing the appliance to be placed on the very edge of a surface. As well as a versatile and understated aesthetic, the barbecue also offers advanced functionality.

Close up view of the grill area cuisine, dish, food, vegetable, vegetarian food, black
Close up view of the grill area

A superior oil management system uses an angled surface to drain oil away from the food for healthier cooking. Waste is collected in containers that are easily removed later.

The Electrolux barbecue features electronic ignition and dishwashable grill surfaces. The grill and plate are in a steel selected for its superior heat distribution reducing hot spots and creating a more even surface temperature. The result is a barbecue with greater cooking precision and easy-to-clean surfaces.

The Integrated Barbecue's outer surfaces are in rugged 316 marine grade stainless steel which is suitable for coastal areas. All other components are commercial grade stainless steel.

The low profile Integrated Barbecue from Electrolux NZ home appliance, kitchen appliance, white, gray
The low profile Integrated Barbecue from Electrolux NZ Ltd

For further details, contact Electrolux Home Products, phone (09) 573 2220, or visit the website: www.electrolux.co.nz.

Story by: Trendsideas

10 Aug, 2010