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Custom cabinetry for home entertainment systems made by Planera will fit your lifestyle and decor
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Even though many of our modern home entertainment and audio systems are designed to be small and discreet, the componentry still needs to be kept where it is readily accessible.

Planera designs and makes customised cabinetry to house a wide range of audiovisual and home theatre equipment, televisions and projectors.

Sales and marketing director Peter Stewart says the company will make cabinetry for people who already own audiovisual and other equipment. Alternatively, Planera can start from scratch, making cabinetry for the whole room and supplying all or some of the audiovisual or home theatre equipment.

One of the company's designers visit your home to assess your requirements, then design cabinetry that suits the decor and best accommodates the equipment. When the details are finalised, but before the client makes a final commitment a computerised colour image of the finished room is presented, showing how the proposed cabinetry will look in the space.

Planera works with a variety of materials, ranging from timber and veneers to laminates and lacquered finishes. Its units often include space for book shelves, display areas for artwork and additional storage.

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Once the client decides to proceed with the work, Planera organises any prewiring that's needed, makes the cabinetry, installs it and co-ordinates with the suppliers of the audio equipment, to ensure the whole project is completed quickly and efficiently.

"Generally, we can go into a home and within a day the cabinetry will be installed and the whole system will be up and running," Stewart says.

Planera, developed from a 24-year-old cabinetry business, is an innovative new retail brand that draws on many years of experience and design expertise.

"Our company is one of the few one-stop shops in the country that offers architectural design and fabrication of cabinetry for the kitchen, home office and home theatre," Stewart says.

Planera can also supply audiovisual equipment. It is an authorised agent for Cabasse, the second largest speaker manufacturer in France, and for Harmon Kardon, which makes amplifiers and DVD players.

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However, the company is not restricted to these brands. It also has long-established relationships with other importers and suppliers, allowing it to source the right technology to match its clients' requirements.

To help customers make decisions, Planera has a showroom displaying examples of its cabinetry in a variety of designs and finishes.

While much of the company's work is customised, it also produces standard units suitable for televisions, DVDs and other equipment. These can also be altered to suit individual requirements.

For more information, contact Planera, 41 Madden Grove, Richmond, Vic 3121, phone (03) 9428 4974, fax (03) 9427 1803. Email: contact@planera.com.au. Website: www.planera.com.au.

Dec 07, 2004
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