This design reorients the kitchen to better appreciate views while clever storage solutions optimise space and utility, hidden pantry included

Designed by Pen Melis, Lux Interiors

From the designer:

Our homeowner’s existing kitchen, housed centrally in their home, was an awkward shape. 

Although the home has a raised view of the park below, the kitchen originally faced the opposite direction – you couldn’t sit at the island bench and view the beauty of the park below. 

Our brief was to reorient the kitchen to take in sweeping views of the park while keeping the layout functional.

The biggest challenge was the kitchen footprint and layout – a large amount of building modification was needed to accomplish the final result. 

Using clever design, we created a contemporary, well-balanced space featuring statement elements that served to meet the brief.

Key features

  • Large island bench: the centrepiece of the kitchen, the expansive island bench serves multiple functions. It provides ample workspace for food preparation and cooking while also serving as a casual dining area or gathering spot for family and guests. Its size and placement create a focal point in the room, adding visual interest and functionality. The view of the park to the one side and the valley below to the other creates a sense of an elevated perspective.
  • Hidden butler's pantry: concealed behind steel and glass, the butler's pantry offers additional storage and workspace without cluttering the main kitchen area. This hidden feature allows for the storage of small appliances, pantry items, and prep areas to be kept out of sight, maintaining a clean and uncluttered aesthetic in the main kitchen space.
  • Clever storage solutions: to maximise space and efficiency, the kitchen incorporates clever storage solutions such as pull-out drawers, deep cabinets, and custom shelving. These features ensure that all available space is utilised effectively, providing ample storage for cookware, utensils, and pantry items while keeping them organised and easily accessible.
  • Contemporary design elements: the kitchen boasts a contemporary design aesthetic characterised by clean lines, minimalist finishes, and modern fixtures. Statement elements such as steel and glass cavity sliders, 2 pac satin cabinetry, a chunky island bench profile, metal shelving units and glass cabinets help to raise it to the next level of beauty.
  • Optimised layout: despite the challenges posed by the original kitchen footprint, the new layout has been optimised to maximise functionality and flow. Work zones for cooking, cleaning, and food storage are strategically arranged to minimise unnecessary movement and enhance efficiency in meal preparation.
  • Integrated appliances: to maintain a streamlined appearance, appliances are integrated seamlessly into the cabinetry or strategically placed to minimise visual clutter.
  • Statement lighting: the use of surface mounts to mirror the benchtop shape and inset down lights to light the whole kitchen area allow the space to come alive when in use. Ambient lighting behind glazed doors creates a moody setting when the kitchen is not in use.

The successful transformation of this kitchen was achieved through innovative design solutions, meticulous planning, and skilled execution, resulting in a contemporary, well-balanced space that meets the needs and preferences of our homeowners.

Credit list

Zip tap, Franke
Jody D'Arcy
Kitchen sink
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Kitchens – Highly Commended

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07 Jul, 2024

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