TIDA AUS 2017 – Designer suite winner – Sublime Architectural Interiors

The TIDA Australia 2017 Architect-designed suite winner

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Sublime Architectural Interiors

This project required the careful consideration of all adjoining spaces. The existing space was a collection of small rooms that did not create any flow or functionality between them. Existing door opens were removed and walls were moved to increase the size and create flow. The redistribution of less utilised space in adjoining living areas was required to achieve a master suite that would enhance the lifestyle of apartment’s owners.As the apartment was located on the top floor, we were able to utilise the substantial ceiling void available and raise the height of the ceiling in both the bathroom and wardrobe. A coffered ceiling was created above the shower area to conceal mechanical ventilation from view and to provide a well lit shower space.The position of existing floors wastes are always a major factor when redesigning an existing bathroom in an apartment. A stepped curved shower wall was incorporated into this design to allow for two shower heads to be positioned around a radius whilst maintaining the fixed waste position. The step to the wall conceals soaps and shampoos from view.Storage always has a high ticket price in a master suite, therefore when the opportunity arose to reallocate space from the adjoining dining room. The footprint of the wardrobe was able to be increased to provide more storage to the master suite. Mirror doors were positioned at the end of the space to create an illusion of increased depth and provide a full length mirror for dressing.The wall between the bathroom and wardrobe was shifted to provide a larger entry from the bedroom to the robe, whilst also creating increased depth for shoe storage. By moving this wall the vanity waste positions can be concealed under the wardrobe kick board.The vanity is suspended off the floor, providing an illusion of more space. The drawers provide storage for cosmetic items whilst the mirror clad joinery above stores all grooming and bathing items. The mirror also magnifies the light and projects it back into the space.Large format porcelain tiles are used to clad the wet area walls and provide the home owners with an easy care, low maintenance space. The mitred joins in the panels create a seamless look throughout, and with no visible tile joins, the space appears larger.Cladding a bathing space in this way brings a real sense of luxury to the design. The richness in the metallic tones found in the porcelain emphasise this further. Matching these elements seamlessly is the richly toned Platinum Travertine floor tiles. They are not only durable but compliment and balance the finish choices. Travertine mosaics enable the curved wall to be tiled and by blending with the floors, it allows the custom made shower heads to be the focal point.A sense of luxury has been achieved by the inclusion of the handcrafted and plated, aged bronze fittings. The aged bronze brings out the warm copper tones in the Neolith wall panels and travertine floor tiles. Complimenting the design elements throughout the space.The subtle lines and shapes of the freestanding stone composite bath and matching vanity basins have been used to enhance the open plan between areas. Softening the hard surfaces found throughout the space, are the organic elements of the lightly stained Silky Oak timber, with living edge, vanity and curved bath plinth plus the foliage found in the imported bronze wall planters.Energy efficient LED lighting has been incorporated throughout the space to highlight and accent design elements whilst creating an illumination for all tasks completed in the space.The powder coated bronzed laser cut screens bring another visual and functional layer to the design. The apartment owners have extensively travelled through Morocco and wanted to reference their travels through the space. So together with the colour palette, a Moroccan pattern to the screens was chosen. These screens also provide a soft visual buffer from the entrance to the suite as well as between the sleeping and bathing zones.Combinations of elements make this space warm and inviting and a sophisticated sanctuary for the home owners to be able to retreat and unwind at the end of the day.

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14 Aug, 2017

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