Thinking about a new home? Here's a practical resource that will help

Forget the sizzle – G.J. Gardner's new free Home Prep brochure is not about selling, it's about sharing practical advice that empowers your thinking from the get go

Understanding the basics

There is a lot to consider when contemplating a new home and the better you understand the basics, the more rewarding the process is – both in terms of enjoying the steps towards achieving the home of your dreams and getting the best possible home your resources will provide.

Premium homebuilder G.J. Gardner Homes understands that and has created the Home Prep brochure – a free step-by-step guide to informing potential home buyers of the basic considerations – everything from why/or if building new is right for you through to the options for insulation.

Engaging and informative

The Home Prep giveaway is not a glossy brochure about selling, it's all about informing and so empowering – while G.J. Gardner is immensely proud of its homes, this new Home Prep guide takes a step back and helps you understand the wider process.  

This information is empowering regarding an all-important decision for you and your family that will benefit you and your family for many years to come.

Simply set out – with sections on Beginning your journey; Choosing the right builder; Deciding your needs; Planning your home – the Home Prep guide takes a conversational approach that guides you through everything you need to know before even approaching a build professional.

Step by step help

This updated Home Prep is our new and exciting down-to-earth, step-by-step guide to the building process. This book is not your typical glossy brochure, it is not designed to sell you one of our homes, or any home for that matter. 

What it is, is a practical guide to making informed decisions about the whole building process, including deciding whether to build new, and choosing the right builder, so you have a great building experience.

Download your free copy of the empowering Home Prep publication today

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Story by: Trendsideas

19 Nov, 2023

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