The views not the weather

When a gathering point holiday home faces the best of the views and sometimes the worst of the weather, Dimond Roofing’s profile LT7 seals the deal

Not only a luxury

'Being surrounded by nature is not only a luxury, but also a necessity' – this was the brief given to Mark John Warren from MJWarchitecture for this home located in the Otago region, which provides a relaxing atmosphere for multiple families to gather while taking in the beautiful views of the lake and mountains.

The story of the home began in 2018 when a farming family from Taihape contacted MJWarchitecture to design a multi-generational holiday home and reunion destination. 

The most important requirement, however, was that all rooms have a view of Lake Hāwea and the surrounding mountains and where the open spaces could be enjoyed regardless of the weather.

Lake Hāwea is the ninth largest lake in New Zealand and has a marine west coast that is mild with no dry season and warm summer. 

It has an annual average temperature of 10.5 degrees celsius, and gets a lot of rain during the mild winters, which are dominated by mild-latitude cyclones. 

Weather-resistance an absolute must

It was vital to equip the home with weather-resistant roofing and cladding – and that’s where Dimond Roofing’s profile LT7 came in, making the owners' dream a reality.  

LT7 was selected as the profile for the home's roofing and cladding structure due to its exceptional resistance to harsh climatic conditions. 

And the cherry on top was LT7's excellent water shedding characteristics.

This project was able to achieve its goal of being a low-maintenance building with a modern design thanks to the wider purlin and girt spacings LT7 offers. 

Extreme Roofing oversaw the roofing installation process, and this company was also in charge of providing the final capstone.

The end result? 

The end result was a fantastic holiday home, with a floor area of 326m², stunning views from every room, beautiful birch plywood ceilings, a central courtyard, open-plan living spaces, and an exterior that seamlessly flows with Lake Hāwea’s breath-taking surroundings.

TIDA New Zealand named the getaway Runner-up Architect New Home of the Year. 

For Dimond Roofing it is an honour to be a part of this magnificent outcome.

Find out more about Dimond Roofing's LT7 profile and explore the company's wide range of roofing/cladding solutions

Credit list

Roofing installation
Extreme Roofing
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Homes – Runner-up

Designed by: MJWarchitecture

Story by: Dimond

26 Feb, 2023

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