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Welcome to Wholesome Cuts – a more experimental take on the butcher shop

Wholesome Cuts Butcher Shop architecture, bathroom, countertop, floor, flooring, home, house, interior design, kitchen, room, wall, gray, teal
Wholesome Cuts Butcher Shop

Designer: Sergio Mannino Studio

About the projectWholesome Cuts in Williamsburg, designed by New York designer Sergio Mannino, isn’t your typical neighbourhood butcher. Knowing that today’s home-chefs expect to see every leg of the journey from farm to plate, Wholesome Cuts have embraced technology that helps customers find out the detailed history of each locally-sourced organic product.

While this storytelling technology isn’t new, retailers’ attempts to make the educational experience attractive to customers in a competitive market have been hit and miss. Since food-production is no longer a taboo conversation, the client sought out Sergio Mannino Studio to create a warm gathering space for the community – a celebration of organic locally-sourced food, simultaneously practical and delightful, welcoming and nostalgic.

Wholesome Cuts Butcher Shop countertop, interior design, kitchen, gray, brown, black
Wholesome Cuts Butcher Shop

The store’s experimental interior emphasises what is unique about the brand. 

“We made the space connect with the overall philosophy of the brand and made sure customers would be happy in the process.” by serving natural, ethically-aware products in a place where customers will feel at home.

Wholesome Cuts Butcher Shop architecture, ceiling, countertop, floor, flooring, furniture, interior design, kitchen, lobby, gray
Wholesome Cuts Butcher Shop

“Our job never ends with the design of the interior space, we have to make sure the brand is going to be profitable in a time when all stores are facing an incredible pressure and are closing by the hundreds. We knew the concept of selling organic and locally grown meat was going to be a profitable one but that was not enough to be above the competition and we wanted to try to go one step forward.”

Story by: Trends

Photography by: Max Bolzonella

28 Sep, 2017

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