The future of mixed-use development

The 2.4km long Hyperlane Park by Aedas brims with social, retail and creative space, appealing to all ages and enriching the public green corridor

Take a leisurely walk along the international award-winning 2.4km Hyperlane Park 

Designed by Aedas

Located on the northern axis of Chengdu's urban centre, Hyperlane Park consists of 12 plots, spanned across a sky garden corridor, overlooking the city and project entrances. 

Designed as a 2.4 km continuous urban landscaped corridor, the sky walkway is a leisure space that cultivates a live-work dynamic.

The main portion of the development is allocated to a variety of businesses and functions such as retail, residential and creative space. The creative space can be transformed to skate parks, interactive art installations or performance space that appeals to people of all ages to enrich the public green corridor.

The development features an amphitheatre which is accessible to everyone in the city. The theatre sits directly across from the main entrance of a music conservatory campus and faces the bustling neighbourhood, with the main stage directly behind.

Aedas Global Design Principal, Dr. Andy Wen, says Hyperlane Park is an ideal integration of the city and its people with landscape and businesses, while creating an urban oasis that is functional and open. 

"The concept behind creating this landmark – that realises a new way of socialising – is one that is fitting to Chengdu's constantly evolving and dynamic appeal," says Dr Wen.

Story by: Trendsideas

19 Mar, 2023

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