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View of the electrically controlled security system at computer case, computer hardware, cpu, electronic device, server, technology, black, gray
View of the electrically controlled security system at the Westpac offices installed by Data Pacific.

Major construction projects are complex by nature, so there is always a role for a company that can help streamline the process. Data Pacific was contracted by Electrix, the main electrical contractor, to undertake a broad range of communication and security installations for the Westpac project.

Data Pacific managing director Ian Woodley says the company not only completed the base build installation, including security access control, lift integration, vehicle barrier arms, intercom, CCTV and communications, it also worked on the Westpac fit-out, installing security access control MATV and CCTV systems.

"The installation work undertaken by Data Pacific for this project would normally be carried out by several different contractors," Woodley says. "Our market differentiation of being able to provide all low-voltage services enables us to operate a one-stop shop."

Woodley says Data Pacific worked closely with Electrix from start to finish, forming a strategic relationship that was the key to the successful delivery of the complex, high-profile project.

Interior view of the Westpac offices where Data architecture, ceiling, daylighting, handrail, interior design, leisure centre, real estate, stairs, gray
Interior view of the Westpac offices where Data Pacific installed secruity systems, access control doors and communications.

The work for the base building, which is owned by Cooper & Company, included the installation of all ground-floor and basement access doors, including the main entrance, fire exits and vehicle entrance, which features barrier arms, intercom and roller grill integration. A complete intercom system was designed to accommodate the building and Westpac requirements for both this project and the Britomart precinct.

Woodley says the Westpac fit-out included the installation of access control to the doors and SpeedStile access gates, and an IP-based CCTV system, which is the largest of its type in the country.

"The biggest challenge for this project was the high-level integration of the security system with the lifts, intercom and CCTV systems utilising an IP platform, and providing the flexibility of networked monitoring from any LAN or WAN location."

Woodley says the Electrix team, under electrical projects regional manager Steve Bartlett, undertook all the base building electrical installation infrastructure and reticulation. Electrix also provided electrical services for the Westpac head office fit-out, including the installation of energy-saving lighting controls, UPS systems, and integration with the 100% back-up onsite generator installation. Bartlett says the team attitude and proactive approach shown by Data Pacific was a key to the success of the project.

View of the vehicle security control arms in electronic device, product, product design, technology, yellow, gray, white
View of the vehicle security control arms in the car park at the Westpac offices installed by Data Pacific.

Data Pacific is a NZ-owned business with 11 years' experience in the communications, MATV, security and CCTV industries. The company specialises in the provision of high-quality solutions on time and on budget.

"We believe the quality of our workmanship and our specialist expertise in all low-voltage services provides a clear market differentiation," Woodley says.

For more information, contact Data Pacific, phone 0800 76 88 66. Email: sales@datapacific.co.nz. Website: www.datapacific.co.nz.

To contact Electrix, phone (09) 270 1700. Email: info@electrix.co.nz. Website: www.electrix.co.nz.

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08 Jul, 2009

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