Taking it on the road

A travelling roadshow highlights advances in audiovisual technology as seen in the recent new releases from Philips

view of the phillips 42 inch plasma  interior design, gray
view of the phillips 42 inch plasma that features new pixel plus 2 a nd ambilight technology

Researching new products is always recommended, but when it comes to audiovisual equipment, you can't beat the hands-on experience. Being able to see, hear and compare different products and features is essential if you are to make an informed decision.

To spread the word about its latest product releases, and to offer a glimpse of tomorrow's technologies, Philips recently launched its travelling roadshow. The Philips truck is a 9m-long custom-made vehicle that expands to three times its travelling size to present a portable showroom. On the interior, 20 of the latest Philips consumer electronics products can be demonstrated to clients and retailers.

Jane Waddel, Philips AV marketing manager, says the roadshow was designed to show consumers how to blend modern living spaces with innovative new home entertainment technologies.

"The products epitomise Philips' brand promise of sense and simplicity, meaning they are advanced, easy to experience, and designed with the end user in mind."

The display featured Philips' latest high-end technologies, including plasma and LCD TVs, DVD hard drive recorders and accessories, the Modea Home Entertainment Theatre System and the new Philips Wireless Music Centre.

the benefits of phillips ambilight technology were demonstrated ceiling, interior design, gray, black
the benefits of phillips ambilight technology were demonstrated on the plast tv's, view of the phillips home theatre products displayed in the mobile showroom

New television releases presented ten models in the Philips Flat and Slim TV ranges. These include the new 42-inch Philips Plasma widescreen, and the 37- and 32-inch LCD widescreen TVs. Waddel says all three models feature the latest technology, including Pixel Plus, which enhances picture resolution to provide razor-sharp pictures with extra detail and depth. An Active Control feature enables the screen to automatically adjust its own digital noise reduction and sharpness controls according to the incoming signal and the room's ambient light, for optimal picture quality.

"The TVs have a 3D comb filter, which separates brightness and colour signals. This results in more vivid results than standard TV imaging," says Waddel.

The roadshow also demonstrated the Philips new Ambilight technology. Ambilight is an integrated lighting system in the rear of the TV, which provides a balanced amount of backlight. Waddel says this is proven to reduce glare and reflection on the eye, resulting in more relaxed viewing.

The benefits of Pixel Plus 2 were also illustrated. This technology, an expansion of Pixel Plus, provides more brilliant and natural colours with better definition.

The launch of the Philips wireless music centre was a major feature of the roadshow. This music system enables you to store all your music at one source, but listen to it anywhere in the house.

this booth showcases the phillips home theatre in display device, interior design, multimedia, gray
this booth showcases the phillips home theatre in a box, featuring 32 inch plasma tv, dvd player

Jonathan Higgins, Philips AV entertainment and infotainment manager, says the wireless music centre is a simple, yet affordable innovation that offers a completely new audio experience.

"Consumers can personalise their audio content, and even programme it to follow them from room to room."

The new Modea Home Theatre System presented at the roadshow is a completelyintegrated home entertainment system delivering high-quality sound from minimal equipment. It incorporates the SonoWave Surround Sound System, which utilises advanced six-channel digital sound processing technology.

Other new products included the Pronto infrared remote control system, which controlled every aspect of the truck's audiovisual technology and lighting.

For further information, contact Philips New Zealand, freephone 0800 477 999, or visit the website: www.philips.co.nz.

Story by: Trendsideas

17 Aug, 2005