Sweeping roofline required advanced window systems to make the most of lake views

This home features floor-to-ceiling glass rising to a sail roof window solutions created by Ellison's Aluminium from the Fairview Architectural range brought it all together

With almost more windows than solid walls, this architecture, cottage, facade, home, house, property, real estate, gray, teal
With almost more windows than solid walls, this home by Christine Hall Architects opens up its interiors to the landscape. A sail-inspired roof required a fluid response from the window and door experts Ellison’s Aluminium. The company worked with t

An architect-driven, site-specific residence will likely be specified with custom-everything, the windows included. And when the home boasts a beautiful, upward-curving sail roof, things can get even trickier. Still, with the right window systems and an expert fabricator all is well.

Ellison's Aluminium, one of Fairview's 50-plus nationwide specialised manufacturers, drew on the Fairview Architectural range to achieve the desired look on this dramatic home.

Ellison's general manager Sam Ellison says the architecturally designed home's sweeping roof was a challenge to all involved, from its design through to engineering and construction.

The beautiful roof curves out and up and it was Ellison's job to make the strong, linear double-glazed window joinery appear to follow its gracious curves. Effectively, the roof creates the illusion that it is not attached to the body of the home much like a tethered canvas sail. And having the timber ceiling run out past the windows as soffits adds to this effect.

Windows and doors supplied and installed by Ellisons architecture, bedroom, condominium, estate, home, house, interior design, penthouse apartment, real estate, window, teal, gray
Windows and doors supplied and installed by Ellisons Aluminium run right across the front of this home. The company used elements from Fairviews extensive Architectural range to address different aspects of the design, such as where the upper windows marry to the sliding doors. Carrying the wooden ceilings out beyond the glazing as soffits added to the illusion that the roof is free of the base of the home like a sail.

"To achieve the illusion of a broad curve we changed the angle of the head which is the joinery element hugging the ceiling line every time it intersected with a vertical mullion. As the change is very slight on each section the overall effect is of a curve, not a series of straight lines."

To address this issue and other complexities of the design, Ellison's Aluminium selected the Fairview Architectural range for its flexibility.

"A big advantage of Fairview Architectural is that the different product suites within the range are designed to work together. Most areas had their challenges and being able to combine different suites made the project achievable."

As well as the curved ceiling, Ellison's Aluminium had to work with the interior's negative detailing which needed super-accurate joinery for a consistent look. Strong and true, Fairview Architectural delivered the precision fit required.

Contact Fairview Windows & Doors, phone: (09) 574 2900. Email: info@fairviewgroup.co.nz, or online: www.fairviewwindows.co.nz

To contact Ellison's Aluminium, phone: (03) 474 0011. Email: dunedin@ellisonsalum.co.nz, or Ellison's Central, phone (03) 445 0180, email: cromwell@ellisonsalum.co.nz, or alternatively head online: www.ellisonsaluminium.co.nz

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