When you love your location but not your house, a rebuild can be a great solution. But what if you could have a brand-new home on your existing property… at no cost?

Golden Mile location

The Bennett’s had lived in their original O’Neill’s Avenue home on Takapuna’s ‘Golden Mile’ for more than 25 years. 

The house was old and had been added to over the years and was getting to the point where it just wasn’t fitting their lifestyle. 

Their dream was for a beautiful new home with minimal maintenance. 

And with the beach just a few minutes’ walk down the street, they loved their location and didn’t want to move. 

With a 1250m² section, the site was more than they needed. 

Subdividing to unlock potential

They realised that by subdividing to create two additional sites, they could sell the sites and use the funds to rebuild a brand-new home for themselves

Showcasing the best

With a brief for a modern, sharp, and edgy aesthetic, the exterior is striking in a monochromatic blend of split stone and dark stained cedar. 

As you step inside, the herringbone oak parquetry gives the first hint of the level of quality materials, skilled workmanship and design detail used throughout the home. 

The kitchen is a prime example – with the use of ...

(head to the Landmark Homes website to find out more about this home and the opportunities sub-dividing presented)

A team approach

To create a five-star, modern design, the Landmark team – including franchise owners Paul and Debbie Clarke, senior designer Wendy King, and interior designer Shannon Pepper collaborate on ideas.

“It’s very satisfying to work as a team to achieve something very high-end that showcases the quality workmanship we strive for,” says Paul Clarke.

“It’s also a very creative process which is fun and enjoyable. It’s hard work but when everything starts to come together, it’s very rewarding.

“Builds like these that showcase something a little edgy and different can help people who are thinking about their own build to consider something they might never have thought of.”

The great divide

Paul Clarke believes there is still lots of potential for subdivision and rebuild projects within Auckland, especially in some of those higher-end areas.

“It can be a very worthwhile option for those with large sections looking to finance a new home without having to leave the location they love,” he says. 

“By subdividing and selling the land they wouldn’t use, the Bennett’s effectively managed to finance a brand-new house without it costing them anything. 

"They’ve downsized their section to something more manageable, they have a big, beautiful new home, and two other lucky families will be enjoying the stunning new builds at the rear – a win win for all parties!"

To find out more about the opportunities to unlock the true value of your site and achieve your own new house dreams for free, read this article in its entirety here or to explore the Takapuna display home in person find out more about its location and explore other Landmark Homes showhomes here

Designed by: Landmark Homes

Story by: Trendsideas

26 Jun, 2022

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