State-of-the-art air con optimises climate control and efficiency

The Hoyts cinemas at the new EntX Entertainment Central offer a luxurious experience, right down to the highly effective, low energy rooftop air-conditioning from Temperzone

Christchurch’s EntX Hoyts cinemas benefit from Temperzone air-con theatre, EntX, Hoyts, Cinema, Temperzone, Air Conditioning, Mechanical services
Christchurch’s EntX Hoyts cinemas benefit from Temperzone air-con units specified by AMT Mechanical Services.

It makes sense that a high-end cinema complex would feature the most efficient air-con solution possible, both for efficiency and low energy costs.

These were the reasons Temperzone’s OPA 296 Inverter Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioners were specified by AMT Mechanical Services for Christchurch’s EntX cinemas, says Derek Miles, marketing services manager at Temperzone.

“Temperzone terms these ‘Eco Ultra’ models for their superior performance and efficiency. Multiple mid-size units were installed on this site to provide greater flexibility, as opposed to a few large units.

“There are several advantages to these advanced inverter compressor air conditioning units, including a variable capacity that lets them use less power at part load, their precision temperature control, and use of EC plug fans that can be digitally controlled over a continuous speed range and are capable of high static pressure air flows. Essentially, all these factors add up to state-of-the-art energy efficiency.”

Temperzone air-con units were specified for Hoyts at architecture, ceiling, interior design, lobby, temperzone, air conditioning, Hoyts, EntX, seating, screen
Temperzone air-con units were specified for Hoyts at EntX Entertainment Central in Christchurch – bringing precision climate control for patrons and savings for Hoyts.

Temperzone was the first company in this country to offer Inverter Rooftop Packaged units – most rooftop air conditioners do not include inverter compressors, instead using fixed speed or digital compressors, or both.

“Temperzone carries rooftop air conditioning units in a wide capacity range, with a model ideally suited to every commercial application – from cinemas and supermarkets to shopping centres.

“Our products are typically chosen because of their reputation for high ‘NZ-made’ quality, longevity, value and for our history of prompt back-up support.”

For further information, contact Temperzone, 38 Tidal Rd, Mangere, Auckland, phone: (09) 279 5250. Email: info@temperzone.co.nz, websites: trade –  www.temperzone.biz; other – www.temperzone.co.nz

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: David Baird

12 Dec, 2018

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