Dimond Roofing’s premium architectural tray product Eurotray Angle Seam was used to create the distinctive wall cladding on EntX Entertainment Central, Christchurch

Dimond Roofing’s premium architectural tray product Eurotray Angle Seam forms the wall cladding of the atrium sides of the complex.

Eurotray provides a lightweight, durable option available in a range of colours and has the ability to be both vertical and horizontally run.

The challenge of bringing the plans for this centre, designed by Ignite Architects, to life fell to CS Roofing Canterbury.

Eurotray is a product range that requires specialised expertise in installation, and this is why Dimond Roofing has exclusive installation contracts with qualified installers in order to ensure a quality outcome for the owner.

The task of cladding this project was a great challenge. 

The exterior consists of sheets of varying widths, lengths and colour, with the mix of four colours representing the Canterbury Plains patchwork landscape. 

It is this change in colour that made the job more complicated but is also what makes this building so unique.

The sheer scale of the building also set its challenges. 

Extending between Tuam Street and Lichfield Streets in Christchurch, the triple-height, 15m-high atrium was the largest Eurotray cladding job that CS Roofing foreman on-site Lindsay Harper had ever undertaken in his 25 years working with the product. 

Having to negotiate eight tiers of scaffolding reaching about 10m high the roofers likened each day to running a half marathon.

CS Roofing Canterbury knew this project would require ...

This is only half the story of how this cladding contributed to a high profile Christchurch landmark – read the rest of the story – or explore other Dimond case studies

Designed by: Roof suppliers: Dimond Roofing

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: David Baird

19 Feb, 2023

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