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It's not just the clarity of the images that determines a high-quality home theatre set-up the audio quality is also important
A view a home theatre system from Phillips computer monitor, display device, electronic device, flat panel display, furniture, interior design, living room, multimedia, personal computer, room, technology, television, black
A view a home theatre system from Phillips NZ.

It seems everyone is talking about high-definition television with good reason. With TV broadcasters about to launch HD broadcasts, it is undoubtedly the viewing platform of the future.

For consumer electronics specialist Philips, the HD TV technology is ready and waiting. The company's new Perfect Pixel HD Engine technology is designed to maximise the HD image quality on Philips LCD full HD 1080p TVs, ensuring pictures are much sharper and clearer than ever before.

Philips TV product manager Warren Roach says Perfect Pixel HD Engine comprises many elements to improve picture quality. These include Digital Natural Motion, which provides smooth, judder-free motion sequences, and 100Hz Clear LCD for the fastest possible processing time (3 milliseconds), resulting in sharp moving images.

A view a home theatre system from Phillips display device, flat panel display, furniture, home, interior design, living room, room, shelving, table, television, gray
A view a home theatre system from Phillips NZ.

"The Perfect Pixel HD Engine fully meets the challenges of HD TV," Roach says. "It has more than 10 times the processing power of its predecessor."

Roach says the LCD TVs also feature Philips' Ambilight technology for relaxed viewing. This technology projects coloured light from the rear of the TV onto the wall behind.

"With colours that change to complement the colours on screen, Ambilight creates an immersive viewing environment, and helps reduce eye strain."

A view a home theatre system from Phillips floor, flooring, furniture, home, interior design, living room, product design, room, table, waiting room, gray
A view a home theatre system from Phillips NZ.

But it is not only the images that are in the spotlight. Jeremy Andrews, Philips product manager entertainment solutions, says the company has also improved audio quality, with the introduction of Ambisound technology.

"The new HTS8100 SoundBar provides a full 5.1 surround sound experience, through a one-piece, fully integrated home theatre system," he says. "At just 12.7cm thick, this is a sleek, streamlined product that will complement any flat TV. The system, which includes an amplifier and a DVD/CD player, provides surround sound performance without the hassle of multiple speakers or wires. With HDMI 1080p output, an FM/AM tuner, USB Direct and iPod docking, the SoundBar is a complete entertainment solution for any living room."

For further information, contact Philips New Zealand, freephone 0800 658 224. Website:

Nov 23, 2007
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