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Interwoven with layers of functional and decorative art, Waitakere Central showcases the latest sustainable building techniques
A view of a Airpak air-handling unit. machine, product, gray, black
A view of a Airpak air-handling unit.

To create a modern air conditioning system that features a number of sustainable benefits requires the input of a number of participants from the mechanical engineer right through to the manufacturer, supplier and the installer.

Following specification by Connell Wagner, Cooke Industries supplied much of the required HVAC equipment to contractor Airpro Mechanical.

A view of a multi-functional heat pump/ heat machine, product, gray
A view of a multi-functional heat pump/ heat recovery system.

Cooke Industries specialises in the supply of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and acoustic equipment to large-scale commercial and industrial projects, says business manager Andrew Cooke.

"During the design phase we worked with the engineers, providing advice on what equipment was available. In this instance, the equipment included Trox floor diffusers and jet nozzles, Airpak air handling units, and Thermocold multi-functional heating and cooling units," he says.

A view of a Trox floor defuser. architecture, daylighting, floor, flooring, interior design, lighting, structure, gray, black
A view of a Trox floor defuser.

The patented, multi-functional heat pump/heat recovery units are an exciting new energy saving application. The four-pipe units are able to simultaneously meet cooling and heating demand, recovering heat generated both inside the building and from the outside air. They operate on environmentally friendly refrigerant and are fitted with super-low noise kits, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

For further information, contact Cooke Industries, PO Box 12021 Penrose, Auckland 1642. Phone (09) 579 2185, Fax (09) 579 2181. Website

Sep 20, 2006
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