Sleight of hand

After the meal is prepared, why be reminded of the washing up?

The view of a contemporary kitchen with purple countertop, interior design, kitchen, real estate
The view of a contemporary kitchen with purple walls

In the 1960s sitcom Bewitched, all it took to vanish dirty dishes was the twitch of a witch's nose. While today's designers may not have perfected the art of magic, they have devised ways to prevent the pots and pans cluttering the view.

A frosted glass partition that slides across the island benchtop is a feature of this galley kitchen designed by Kim Hughes.

"When preparing the meal the chef can feel a part of the guests' conversation. But when dinner is served and everyone is seated, they don't have to look at the untidy benchtop," she says.

The view of a dining area and kitchen architecture, ceiling, interior design, living room, room, wall, window, gray
The view of a dining area and kitchen with a sliding glass partition to screen the kitchen

As this is a compact kitchen, every surface serves at least two purposes. For example, the island's granite benchtop provides the sliding base for the glass partition, has twin sinks and additional room for guests to rest their drinks while they chat to the chef.

"The black granite benchtop is extremely versatile. It is a practical and aesthetic anchor in the open-plan living space that also includes the lounge and dining areas," Hughes says.

On the dining side of the island is the wine rack and cocktail cabinet. On the kitchen side are storage cupboards and a dishwasher. Aside from the ovens and hob, the appliances have been concealed behind the cabinetry.

The detail of the cooking area of a cabinetry, countertop, floor, flooring, furniture, home appliance, kitchen, room, black
The detail of the cooking area of a kitchen

The kitchen wall is divided into three areas, with the wooden veneer cabinets echoing the use of timber louvres in the home's gallery hallway. Stainless steel handles complement the oven tower, hob and other kitchen appliances.

"The guiding principle of this design is that it is in sync with its situation. The frosted glass cabinets above the hob reflect the glass partition opposite, as well as the windows that surround the house," Hughes says.

Aside from matching the scheme with the home's architectural materials, close attention has also been paid to the natural environment. For example, purple has been used in an otherwise limited palette to reflect the colours of the sunrise.

Credit list

House architect
Edward Duc,
Kitchen manufacturer
Black granite
Franke and Zip hydro tap
Andrew Brown Construction MBA
Polished concrete
Specialty Lighting; Tangent Lighting
Franke Papillon
Oven and hob
St George
Microwave and steam oven
St George

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23 Aug, 2004

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