Sky-high dining

The design of this alfresco roof-top restaurant createsa Mediterranean-style garden floating far above the city

View of the dome centred on the rooftop architecture, building, city, light, lighting, night, reflection, tourist attraction, black
View of the dome centred on the rooftop of this building

Dining beneath the stars is always a memorable experience, but it is all the more special when you can almost reach out and touch them. The owner of the Sirocco restaurant in Bangkok wanted just such an experience for his patrons.

The restaurant is located on the 63rd floor of the State Tower building, which, until recently, stood empty following the 1997 property crash.

Challenge Property asked design house DWP Cityspace to revitalise the building and give it a new identity through the addition of a roof-top restaurant complex.

DWP Cityspace architect Scott Whittaker says the brief was to bring the building to life and create a vibrant centrepiece for the city.

View of the bar architecture, city, cityscape, light, lighting, metropolis, metropolitan area, night, reflection, black
View of the bar

The design of the restaurant was partly informed by the results of a focus group exercise undertaken to judge what type of restaurant might be successful.

The existing revolving floor plate was removed to avoid the temptation of the restaurant becoming a tourist attraction. It was replaced with lightweight sandstone and timber to cope with the floor loading restrictions.

Diners step out of the elevator at the base of an illuminated Greco-Roman dome and descend a flight of broad marble stairs to a Mediterranean-style garden terrace, complete with fountain, that has a panoramic view of the city.

At the far end of the terrace is a dramatically lit circular bar enclosed by curved glass balustrading that appears to float out over the edge of the building. The bar itself changes colour periodically throughout the night.

View of the rooftop diner architecture, city, landmark, night, sky, structure, purple
View of the rooftop diner

A series of 2.4m-high tubular-like structures made from filaments of acrylic and high-tension steel wires provide an innovative form of lighting, as well as having a wind-chime effect.

The restaurant has a preparation kitchen in the basement of the building and a finishing kitchen on the 63rd floor.

Credit list

Interior designer
DWP Cityspace; Kristina Zanic
Mechanical and electrical engineer
Main contractor
Bovis Lend Lease
Kitchen consultant
Romano Gatland
Carpet International

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23 Aug, 2004

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