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With its curved meeting pod and minimalist decor, this office fitout reflects the progressive business philosophy of the client a large multinational engineering company

View of the meeting room, marble and limestone architecture, ceiling, conference hall, interior design, office, product design, gray, white
View of the meeting room, marble and limestone floor, moasic tiled wall, black desk chairs and one long white desk.

For many organisations, temporary accommodation is inevitable at some stage often the result of business expansion. But taking an interim tenancy needn't mean diluting the company image, as this fitout illustrates.

Ranhill Berhad, a large multinational engineering company, commissioned ISG Asia to provide a turnkey solution for its temporary offices in Kuala Lumpur. But although Ranhill is building new premises, the short-term solution still needed to reflect the company's aspirations and the forward-thinking, progressive nature of its business. Woods Bagot was commissioned to provide this design.

Architect Anand Krishnan says the design needed to be very modern and very minimalist almost austere.

"But, at the same time, there was a need for an element of excitement a feature that expressed the nature of the company's business," he says.

The extensive use of limestone and glass, and white walls and ceilings provide the pared-back, sophisticated look that was required for the upper management floor. This level is approximately 1100m², but it accommodates just six people. Krishnan says the vast expanse of space is just as important to the design as the objects within.

View of the offices, marble and limestone floor, architecture, ceiling, daylighting, glass, house, interior design, window, brown
View of the offices, marble and limestone floor, tiled walls, large glass screen, light feature.

"This floor is the company's corporate reception area the place where VIPs, such as visiting heads of state are greeted."

The conference room is contained within a large pod. This was designed both as a sculptural element and as a focus for the whole floor, says Krishnan.

"The pod was conceived as a large, balloon-like space the timber framing expressing the idea of structure, which is the core activity of the company. The sense of transparency provided by the curved glass panels of the pod alludes to the sophistication and excellence that the company strives for."

Rather than all the glass panels being transparent, several of them are covered by film, in a random pattern.

"This allows controlled glimpses of people moving past the pod," says Krishnan. "Similarly, people passing the pod get glimpses of the interior."

View of a office, marble and limestone floor, architecture, ceiling, conference hall, daylighting, floor, flooring, house, interior design, office, real estate, room, table, gray, brown
View of a office, marble and limestone floor, glass desk with a black leather desk chair, white walls, glass windows to hallway, spot lights and a main light in the centre of the ceiling.

Over-scaled elements are also evident in customised reception furniture and the large pivoting doors that can open up the circulation spaces for functions.

"Pivoting doors also impart a sense that they are floating, despite their size," says Krishnan.

Executive offices, on the perimeter of the building, have glazed walls allowing light to filter through to other parts of the floor. They also maximise the views.

Credit list

Arnand Krishnan, Woods Bagot (M)
Fire consultant
ISG Asia Engineering
Resilient Marketing; Expert Metal Work
Mosaic tiling
Surfaces Design
Marble and limestone floor – Creama and Mocca Cream from Citatah AMS Marble;
Gypsum plaster from Econ Plaster Ceiling; timber panels from Marimega
Access Lighting Design
Office chairs
Eames and Venom from Curve Interiors
Design and build turnkey consultant
ISG Asia (Malaysia)
Joinery contractor
Window treatment
Muraspec Memerase FR white film from Waltex Corporation; spray paint finish, timber veneer and timber batten from Marimega; upholstery wall panel from Lydia Furniture; Italian glass mosaic from Corporate 2000
Beech from Marimega
Technion from Vanguard Interiors; Unifor from Unifor Asia Pacific; Nomos from Ergonomic
Reception seating
Curve Interiors and Valtra Furniture Designs Shaping the future engineering company decor minimalist feng shui

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12 Apr, 2006

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