Serenity in the city

This interior combines Oriental culture and functional considerations to create elegant spaces that also make the most of the building's structure

Interiors by Steve Leung Design Group

From the interior designers:

Sitting along the coast, the home boasts magnificent bay views. 

Inspired by the famous Buddhist saying: “Fundamentally there is no Bodhi-tree, nor stand of a mirror bright. Since all is void from the beginning, where can the dust alight?”, the designer extracted themes such as 'tranquillity, meditation, and cultivation' to develop different design concepts for each space.

Through simple and bright design approaches, the majority of the wall and ceiling surfaces are finished in beige-grey wood veneer that resembles nature. 

The black stones flooring create a sharp contrast and contribute to a sense of sacredness.

In the midst of the bustling city of Xiamen (China), the coastal view home exudes peace and serenity.

By fully considering the features of the building structure, the design combines Oriental culture and functional approach to create an elegant living space that strikes a balance between practicality and comfort.

The dark-coloured floor when matched with the light walls creates a muted visual appeal that highlights the façade and the ceiling as the main focal points of the space.

For the majority of the space, black stone is used for the flooring, creating an exquisite contrast with the walls in light-coloured wood veneer. 

In the master bedroom, walls are decorated with wood veneer, wallpaper, and artificial leather, whereas white magnolia marble is employed for the walls in the master bathroom.

The spatial planning skilfully adopts Chinese-style functional spaces – such as meditation hall, tea tasting room, family pavilion, study hall, etc., complementing the theme of the project (rooting from Oriental culture and elements) and infusing extra hints of charm.

Natural materials (such as hemp fabrics, stones, just to mention a few) are employed generously throughout the space, exuding a sense of natural purity.

The organic shades of natural stones further enhance the design style, thereby strengthening the project's design concept of “The Heavenly Bay Shore” for those seeking serenity at heart.

Key spaces

Meditation room

Apart from being a key space upon transitioning indoor from the outside, the meditation hall is also among the core areas of this interior.

Four orderly wooden grille screens have been neatly designed in front of the curtain wall to allow the sunlight to softly cast on the black floor through the apertures in the screens. 

The brightness and darkness that changes with the weather and time of the day allows people to feel at ease and imagine they have returned to nature. 

Tea tasting room

The tea tasting room integrating the essence of traditional Chinese tea ceremony within the home – is the owner's favourite place to sit and relax.

The space is a continuation of the 'tranquillity' themed previously explored in the adjacent meditation hall. 

While the design still carries on the beige-grey wood veneer for the most of the wall and ceiling surfaces, touches of black stone have been subtly employed in the back of the display cabinet, as a gentle contrast with the overall luminosity of the space. 

The unpretentious texture responds to the artistic concept of the tea room’s design.

Living room

Featuring a double-deck ceiling, the spacious living room allows guests to unfold in comfort.

While generous full-height windows offer an enchanting view over the bay, the hollow wall space features the shape of the neatly arranged wooden slats extending from floor to ceiling, creating a serene and comfortable ambience permeated with a sense of quietude.

Credit list

Interior designer
B&B Italia; HC28; Maxalto, Minotti; Poliform, Riva 1920; custom pieces
Wall covering
Tat Ming, Topli
Gessi, Kaldewei, Toto, Villeroy & Boch

Designed by: Steve Leung Design Group

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Ye Song

31 Jul, 2022

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