Scullery designed to take centre stage

The scullery in this family home isn’t hidden away – instead it takes on a multi-functional role right in the middle of the open-plan living area

Winner – TIDA Australia Kitchen of the Year

Add a scullery to your kitchen and you’ll probably treat it as a purely functional space that’s hidden out of sight, either behind or to the side of the main kitchen – though perhaps with the flexibility to open it up when in use.

But architect Craig Steere has turned that approach on its head in the design of this family kitchen, making the scullery a central feature of the home’s open-plan living areas.

Steere says this allows the scullery to take on a number of functions.

“Physically it defines the space between the front living room and the rear section of the house,” he says.

“It creates a sunny middle space in the morning as a place to sit and read the paper. And in the evening, it’s a lovely spot to mix a cocktail and relax.”

The scullery is clad in teak stained timber to tone in with the warmth of the owners’ existing  walnut dining table.

“Carving a slot in the cladding added a servery and seating option,” says Steere.

“Plus you’ve got a beautiful outlook when you’re inside the scullery, making it a much more inviting space.”

With access at both ends, it’s easy for more then one person to manoeuvre in the space, serving the living room at one end, coffee or cocktails in the middle and linking to the kitchen on a day-to-day basis.

Inside, a microwave, oven, double sink and dishwasher make it an ideal place for all the messy prep and clean-up functions.

“There’s a family of six, so this arrangement means everyone can do their own thing without being on top of each other.”

Credit list

CSA Craig Steere Architects
Corian ‘Glacier White’ Low Sheen White 2-pack with low sheen black feature inserts; Glosswood Teak stained feature slat cladding to pantry
Corian – Glacier White, matt
Kitchen sink
Franke Single Bow, from Reece
Oven, cooktop, dishwasher and ventilation
Smeg, from DKA Appliances
Wine fridge
Exposed honed concrete finish with low sheen clear finish sealer
WA Prestige Cabinets
Cabinetry hardware
Blum Tandem runners, and Tandembox with Blumotion hinges
Corian – Glacier White, matt
Milli Glance Sink Mixer, from Reece
AEG integrated refrigerator, from DKA Appliances
Unios, from Mondoluce
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) – Australian Kitchen of the Year

Story by: Paul Taylor

Photography by: Jody D’Arcy

31 May, 2020

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