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The redesign of this South Pasadena residence turned a family residence into a multi-generational home by drawing the garage into the picture

Designed by Medium Plenty

From the renovating architect: 

Architecture and interior design practice, Medium Plenty, has revamped this 90+-year-old family residence in South Pasadena, Souther California through the complete renovation of its interiors and the transformation of the existing garage into an ADU (accessory dwelling unit), where the owner's mother now lives.

The design goal for the main residence was to open up the single-level space by flooding it with natural light through large openings and sleek skylights at various points.

View of the rear facade.
View of the rear facade.

A new rear addition further expands the living space, while a simple palette of woods enriches the overall interiors. 

The interiors are further enhanced by customised details, such as wrap-around millwork extending from the kitchen into the living room – this holds holds the family library and a variety of collectibles, including an assortment of vintage record players.

With an overall goal of creating ‘separate, yet communal living’ for the whole family, the team sought to bridge everyone’s different needs and lifestyles, while bringing the family of five together.

A simple palette of woods, along with the
A simple palette of woods, along with the owners’ collection of furniture and objects enrich the interior. The new windows and skylights transform the space.

Furthermore, to ensure that both structures – the main residence and the ADU – were cohesive, Medium Plenty used similar elements to connect the two facades, such as the stained, black-slatted wood overhang.

The rear ADU provides the homeowner's mother with her own private living quarters, while still being only a few steps away from the main house.

The overall result is a modern-day, communal retreat that works beautifully for the whole family.

Once a garage, the ADU serves as a
Once a garage, the ADU serves as a dedicated home with a loft space for the homeowner's mother. According to Medium Plenty co-founder Gretchen Krebs: ”The space is so small that the varying colours give visual interest and depth to help define the areas as separate.”

Designed by: Medium Plenty

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Mariko Reed

15 Jan, 2023

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