There are views all round – as well as down – at Gibraltar's Skywalk

Designed by: Arc Designs 

The Skywalk is the newest attraction built in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve on behalf of HM Government of Gibraltar, as part of a wider project of improvements carried out with the aim of providing locals and visitors alike new and diverse ways to enjoy the Rock of Gibraltar. 

The wider master-plan project has also seen the construction of a 70-metre long suspended bridge, the restoration of numerous former military batteries and installations and introduction of interpretative and directional signage along newly established walking trails.

The Skywalk structure has been built above a previously existing historic military platform once serving as a base for anti-aircraft Bofors guns during WWII. The design aspiration of this project was to afford the visitor with new and unrivalled views in all directions including over the rocky cliff-face below, while at the same time ensuring a subtle intervention which did not detract from the natural and historic nature of this unique setting. 

The cantilevered walkway with glazed flooring and balustrade is wrapped around the historic stone platform, with steel stairs providing access to the original military platform level above where the old octagonal concrete gun base now serves as a seat for visitors to rest and gaze out towards the distant horizon.

Story by: Trendsideas

26 Nov, 2018

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