Retail therapy with lake views

A giant mall designed by 10 Design and set beside a lake optimises nature, traditional Chinese architectural forms combined with 'hypermodern' forms

Designed by 10 Design

From the architects:

Designed by 10 Design, the 117,000sqm Jinwan Mall sits on the edge of Jinsha Lake in Zhuhai, China.

The retail scheme envisions the integration of a traditional courtyard garden with hypermodern space.

The development weaves together the main mall, retail street and the waterside pavilions consisting of F&B and retail spaces, with ample outdoor spaces opening onto the lake.

The retail street and the mall are tied together with the glass canopy spine that allows for weather-proof connectivity and use of the amenities.

The façade which takes the form of Chinese stacked stone walls wraps around the scheme, coming alive with its rhombi shapes inspired by the 4th-dimensional hypercube.

It plays with the gradient by a mixture of dark and light panels to break up the massing, as well as the lighting features acting upon perforated panels at night.

Design partner Ted Givens says: “Our design for Jinwan Mall transforms the regular shopping mall into an outdoor retail experience closely linked to nature, creating a new paradigm of how people experience retail spaces and bringing a new destination to Zhuhai’s Jinwan District.”

The urban frontage of the development along the roads creates an insulated appearance in contrast to the open, pedestrianised lakefront side of the mall.

The perimetral (the curve or line enclosing a plane area) wall facing the main streets is solid to prevent noise, except for two subtle openings acting as main entrances and glass fissures that allow dramatic views into the mall.

The inner wall opens toward the lake and waterfront gardens via glass façades along with cascading down staircases and green terraces, blurring the line between the retail space and nature.

The circulation is made effortless like a meandering stroll through the garden, starting from the entrances to the mall’s atrium, retail street and opening up to the garden and lake, by multiple pathways and interwoven spaces.

The development's unique retail planning involving features such as the courtyard fountain and flexible waterfront space for pop-up shops and performance stages encourages the gathering and lingering of visitors to the area.

Credit list

Jinwan Mall, Zhuhai, China
Huafa Group
Local architect, MEP, and structural engineer
Zhuhai Huafa Architectural Design Consulting
Lead design architect
Facade design
Scope by 10 Design
Retail consultant, interior designer

Designed by: 10 Design

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Zhang Chao

23 Jan, 2022

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