Renovation balances the old and the new

What's the best approach when you need to renovate a 1965 Eichler in a meaningful, respectful way? See what this architect did
Story by: David Renwick
There's ample storage space throughout architecture, ceiling, door, floor, flooring, house, interior design, wall, wood, brown, gray
There's ample storage space throughout

Architect: Michael Hennessey ArchitectureAbout the project (Text supplied): How does one renovate an existing 1965 Eichler in a meaningful, respectful way? This is a difficult question, given the abuse that Eichler buildings have faced over the years with an overly-aggressive renovation industry applying the current style of the day to these prized structures.

We decided to strike a balance between the positive, inherent qualities of an Eichler structure with modern improvements that enhance rather than compete with the existing building. The existing post & beam structure is accentuated, creating a layered composition of structure, wood veneer, concrete, and tile elements.


Pendant lights run along the dining table ceiling, interior design, gray
Pendant lights run along the dining table

New full-height sliding glass panels increase the energy efficiency of the building while visually expanding the space towards the distant view. The kitchen is relocated to connect more directly with the living area, and the decks are re-built as extensions of the interior spaces. A balance is struck between new and old in a meaningful way.

The Diamond Heights Renovation received the top prize for Architectural Interiors in the Builder's Choice & Custom Home 2017 Design Awards, a nationally recognised awards program.

Nov 10, 2017





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