Relocation for optimisation

This bathroom has been completely reconsidered, layout and entrances included – resulting in more space, greater functionality and a dramatic impact

Designed by Reisa Pollard, Beyond Beige

From the designer: 

The existing layout was awkward, so the space planning was important for the flow and functionality of everyday use. 

To optimise the room, the team moved the vanity to the opposite side and relocated the tub to be centred on the window. 

The entry points and doors were slightly awkward. 

Therefore, to keep symmetry we included two sets of double doors for a luxurious first impression. 

The biggest challenge we faced was installing the geometric pattern on the floor. 

It took three different installers to perfect the installation as each slab was custom cut to a specific size and there was zero room for error. 

Due to an extent to the home renovation, the flooring for the ensuite was not level, therefore the floor prep to address the slope of the drains was critical.

Credit list

TIDA International Bathroom of the Year – Finalist

Designed by: Reisa Pollard, Beyond Beige

Story by: Trendsideas

17 Jul, 2022

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