Ready Super Slab – the foundation of a great home

Want a solid, sustainable, easy-to-install foundation for your home? This may well be the answer. 

Ready Super Slab is an advanced engineered raft foundation and flooring system that’s strong, fast and easy to install. The floor provides excellent insulation, creating a warm, healthy, energy-efficient home while sustainable pod options include QPOD as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional polystyrene pods.

The above-ground engineered flooring system – sometimes known as a raft foundation, pod floor, waffle slab or floating foundation – delivers real benefits over a conventional concrete floor and foundations.

How it works

The Ready Super Slab system is an innovative proven way of building strong, durable concrete foundation and floor slabs, while at the same time reducing construction costs and build time. Built ‘on-ground’ rather than ‘in-ground’, Ready Super Slab incorporates 1.1m² pods that form a framework of beams within the foundation, providing rigidity in two directions for superior strength. Concrete fills the channels (beams) between pods and on top to complete the floor.

The finished slab provides a stiffer and stronger final product than a conventional 100mm concrete slab.

Green at heart – QPOD recycled plastic pods

Ready Super Slab now utilises QPOD as a sustainable alternative to traditional polystyrene pod void formers within the flooring system. The QPODs are made from recycled material and are 100% recyclable, with zero landfill waste. QPOD can be easily installed in windy conditions and eliminates site waste, common with polystyrene pods. Furthermore, integrated 40mm spacers on the pods eliminate the need for plastic chairs to support steel mesh, providing further cost savings.

Where it works best

The high-tech Ready Super Slab is suitable for residential foundations and floor slabs, shed floors, small commercial buildings and warehouses and can be tailored for all ground conditions.

And easier to install

Ready Super Slab offers faster installation times than traditional systems, requiring minimal site excavation. The advanced floor system suits locations with low soil-bearing capabilities, making it suitable for areas such as Auckland where expansive soils are prominent. The system can often be installed and poured in three days.

The Slab also eliminates the need for labour-intensive in-ground construction, such as digging trenches. 

Ideal substitute

The QPODs can be directly substituted for traditionally used polystyrene pods – with four pods replicating the standard 1100mm x 1100mm square and 220mm deep polystyrene pods.

Easier to transport and store

READY Super Slab QPOD reduces transportation and storage costs, with pods for a 180m² home able to be transported on the back of a ute or single axle trailer.

Warmer, dryer and eco-friendly homes

The pods trap warm air, providing excellent insulation properties and reduce heat loss in the floor, ensuring a snug, warm home year round.

The only CodeMark Certified sustainable raft foundation system in New Zealand

Ready Super Slab has a BRANZ appraisal and is CodeMark Certified. Having a CodeMark Certification means building consent authorities will accept Ready Super Slab as complying with the New Zealand Building Code (when used as specified in the CodeMark certificate). You will still need to apply for building consent, however the CodeMark means no delays at council.

Learn more and get a free brochure illustrating the Ready Super Slab installation method

Contact Allied Concrete – 0800 4 ALLIED (0800 425 543)

Or visit their website: www.alliedconcrete.co.nz

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Photography by: Ready Super Slab

17 Mar, 2019

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