Widely-used on New Zealand homes for generations. The symmetrical, wave-like patterns of corrugate suit a range of building designs.

The sleek aesthetic of the tray profile has made it a favourite with architects designing contemporary homes.

The crisp, clean lines of this profile add a modern touch to any building.

Profiles are made by rollformers

Profiles are made by individual rollformers all around the country. When a rollformer orders from COLORSTEEL®, we send them coils of prepainted steel and the rollformer turns them into textured sheets that are used on houses, sheds and fences.

Each rollformer has a slightly different range of profiles available. Be sure to speak to your preferred COLORSTEEL® supplier about the perfect profile for your project.

See more here www.colorsteel.co.nz

Story by: Trends

Photography by: COLORSTEEL®

13 Nov, 2018

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