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The New Zealand Pool Industry Association is a one stop shop when sourcing reliable contacts to address all aspects of your pool – from install to upkeep – but there's warmth as well as professionalism

Thanks to close screening of all its members, the NZ Pool Industry Association is extremely proud of its role of putting aspiring homeowners in touch with trusted professional companies dealing with pool design, installation, and upkeep.

However, this is only part of the story – the Association is more than a facilitator, also offering advice and a human face to potential pool owners. 

Part of the assessment of the companies on its webpages goes beyond professional suitability to assess the user-friendly nature of companies – whether it's a widely respected family business or a company in a specific location that would otherwise be hard to service. 

Local companies not only know about local council regulations, they also know all the other plusses and potential hiccups that relate to climate, ground quality etc.

If you are keen to enhance the quality of life for your family and to grown the worth of your main asset then approaching the NZ Pool Association Industry is a great place to start.

Head online to the NZ Pool Industry Association website and see the wider range of highly experienced and approachable pool-related companies that make achieving the pool life easier for New Zealand homeowners across the country.

Story by: Trendsideas

13 Mar, 2022

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