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New Smeg oven technology and 16-minute dishwasher

Expert home chefs are made not born, and gas stove, home appliance, kitchen appliance, kitchen stove, major appliance, oven, product, product design, gray, white
Expert home chefs are made not born, and it all comes down to the right appliances. Smeg is introducing new technology to meet the needs 
of every home cook,

Good cooks are often reluctant to give away their secrets, but you can be sure that their success is dependent on having the right appliances.

Today, many kitchen appliances are equipped with intelligent technology, which means they do the thinking for you, so you can be guaranteed great results. It's a concept Smeg has taken to heart in its latest new releases.

For example, the latest collection of Smeg 60cm ovens has been designed to hold the hand of home cooks and take them step by step through a fool-proof baking process. The often complex array of control buttons has been replaced with pre-set menus that ensure your favourite meals are cooked to perfection every time. And at 79 litres gross, the oven capacity is much greater.

Andrew Cronin, managing director of Smeg Australia says that while technology and design are at the core of the Smeg conviction, the overarching passion behind the brand is the food.

"As Australians, we are known for our willingness to embrace new technology, but this has to generate a quantifiable improvement to the user's experience," he says. "It has to ensure the best possible cooking results, irrespective of the user's culinary credentials."

Smeg Linear SFPA140 multifunction oven home appliance, kitchen appliance, oven, product, product design, gray
Smeg Linear SFPA140 multifunction oven

The standout Smeg Linear SFPA140 multifunction oven is designed to do exactly this. It features the signature Stopsol silver glass, stainless steel styling and a TFT touch display, which is the nerve centre of the appliance. The screen takes you instantly to a vast number of programmes, including pre-set recipes that cater to Australian tastes.

The SFPA395X Classic oven is another option. This comes with the same 50 pre-set programmes to guide more novice cooks through the most popular dishes by advising cooking temperatures and shelf heights, ensuring successful results.

Dishwashers are in the spotlight as well. Smeg has introduced a world first with its new DWAUP364X (built-in) and DWAFIP364 (integrated) Domestic Pro dishwashers, which provide a full wash in just 16 minutes. The dishwashers use only 12 litres of water and can accommodate 15 place settings. The technology behind the appliances is equally impressive. There are two motors one a larger 2000W motor with two 1800W inline elements to heat the water.

The Combi Steam Compact oven is also finding favour and flavour with home cooks and professionals. This oven combines the functions and advantages of a steam oven with a convection-fan-forced oven to create better results with shorter cooking times. And food retains its essential vitamins, nutrients and colour.

In another move, Smeg has re-created a kitchen icon of the 1920s with the Victoria 110cm freestanding cooker, which couples vintage aesthetics and a high-quality enamel finish with the latest technology. The cooker has two ovens, an electric grill, gas cooktop and storage drawer.

The Victoria 110cm freestanding cooker is a recoent cabinetry, countertop, floor, flooring, furniture, hardwood, home appliance, kitchen, kitchen stove, white
The Victoria 110cm freestanding cooker is a recoent addition to the Smeg line-up. the oven teams vintage asssthetics with the latest culinary technology

Another new oven is the Smeg DOSPA38X Classic double oven with nine cooking functions and pyrolytic cleaning, one of several pyrolytic ovens on offer.

Rangehoods have also been given a makeover. The new collection includes the Smeg PolarB90, a 90cm stainless steel and black glass model that features Smeg Silent Technology. This reduces sound levels by up to 36% compared to traditional extraction systems. It also offers energy savings of up to 50%.

For information on these appliances, visit the website: www.smeg.com.au.

Story by: Trendsideas

22 Jul, 2013