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Think you can't have a bathroom with plenty of privacy without sacrificing natural light and openness? Think again.

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High-tech switch glass turns a shower wall into a scenic window

For the owners of this home, using high-tech glass was an ideal solution to the dilemma of wanting family and visitors to enjoy their rear garden from the new bathroom, without compromising on privacy. 

In fact, that was just one of the innovative features that Owen Barnes of Bubble Bathrooms incorporated into the room.

"The window with switch glass affords either views to the clients' manicured garden or user privacy with a flick of the switch essentially, a chemical reacts with a low-voltage current to bring clarity, while turning off the current results in the default translucent effect."

"Having the glass shower screen stop short of the floor required thoughtful design, in terms of the engineering, as well as a sloped floor that extends out beyond the stall's footprint."

Wood and moisture are poor company so Barnes introduced a window sill and window surround in a dark stone tile in this upmarket bathroom.

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Story by: Trendsideas

09 Nov, 2018

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