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Coastal development takes a major leap forward with the completion of the Star of the Sea condominium project a Miami resort-style complex at Terrigal Beach, north of Sydney

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exterior view of apartments

The success of any five-star project is not only dependent on the design and location the quality of the construction is also vital. The Star of the Sea complex was built by Multiplex Constructions, a multi-disciplined construction and engineering company that specialises in large-scale residential and commercial developments.

Project manager Murray Gregory says the company designed and engineered many solutions for the project, which was extremely complex.

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interior view of indoor heated pool in the apartment complex

"Every floor plate in every building is different," he says. "With no repetition of structural elements, the work was slower and more difficult. There were also a lot of embellishments built into the structure. These decorative elements include mouldings on columns and balcony soffits, and built-in planter boxes. The intensive detailing, which helps define the complex, was one of many intricate jobs."

Gregory says special features engineered by Multiplex included the vaulted ceiling of the heated indoor pool, which incorporates computerised fibreoptic lighting.

the swimming pool in the apartment blocks leisure, reflection, swimming pool, water, black
the swimming pool in the apartment blocks

For details, contact Multiplex Constructions, GPO Box 172, Sydney 2001, phone (02) 9256 5000, fax (02) 9256 5001. Website: www.multiplex.biz.

Story by: Trendsideas

23 Aug, 2004