Pale, cohesive and refined

A unifying textured ceiling, timber joinery, designer furniture and pops of colour all come together to create this upmarket interior

Interiors by Studiocolnaghi

From the interior design company:

For this project, Studiocolnaghi sought to create the sense of a wider space, using few elements, a monolithic texture, a neutral colour palette and the adroit application of indirect light.

The result is the perception of the room is much larger now than with the previous configuration. 

Part of this sense of greater space comes from the white wood ceiling spreading over the main area. 

This element incorporates audio, video, air conditioning and lighting solutions.

Specifying light wood for the joinery elements complements the white ceiling and creates a timeless background to the designer furniture, designed by Jader Almeida for Sollos. 

Touches of colour are introduced in the form of the custom, hand-made rug and emerald green marble.

In the kitchen area, there is a glass cabinet which also serves as support to the dining table. 

Some exclusive details were developed for this owner, such as velvet cutlery drawer organisers.

In the restroom, the project follows the same materiality as used on the floor, walls and remaining ceiling surface – a cement texture. 

See the flavour of the space.

Credit list

Interior designer
Designed by Jader Almeida, for Sollos

Designed by: Studiocolnaghi

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Vinícius Ferzeli

24 Apr, 2022

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