A flagship attraction at a Barcelona theme park, the 'Gloworm', by MIAS Architects, is a cutting-edge train with minimal environmental impact

Designed by MIAS Architects

From the architects:

A new funicular (railway operating by cable with ascending and descending cars counterbalanced) for the Tibidabo Amusement Park in Barcelona is a technological, sustainable, and cutting-edge train with minimal environmental impact.

Designed by MIAS Architects, in collaboration with Leitner Ropeways, the new train features a completely revamped high-end design, resembling a glow-worm, with larger glass surfaces on both sides and the roof. 

These enhancements not only improve the operational efficiency and passenger comfort compared to the previous model but also incorporate enhanced safety systems and facilitate easier maintenance. 

Minimal environmental impact and CO2 emissions

The utilisation of advanced technology ensures minimal environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

The funicular now operates at a speed of 10m per second, resulting in a journey time of approximately 3 minutes and the capacity has also been increased. 

The funicular's design has been completely renewed and personalised, significantly enhancing the experience for riders and allowing them to interact with the attraction. 

The flagship glowworm

Consequently, the new funicular, named 'Cuca de Llum' (Glow-worm), has become an additional flagship attraction within the park.

The primary structure of the train consists of ultralight aluminium profiles, enhancing energy efficiency, speed, and vibration reduction. 

Coloured fibreglass covers the structure, further protected by a specially designed reflective coloured particle, ensuring durability and reflectivity.

Achieving a transparent structure for the funicular involved using curved glass at both ends of the train. 

Double glazed

Unlike typical curved glass, the funicular employs two curved sheets with non-constant variable radii, separated by dehydrated air chambers, to meet high solar efficiency requirements. 

A separation profile and a desiccant product prevent condensation between the glass sheets.

Passengers can enjoy panoramic views above Barcelona through large windows and skylights from the new spacious trains. 

Interactive screens and tablets complete the passengers' visual experience with educational content about the journey. 

Riders can learn about the funicular's operation, its history, and that of the park in general. 

Additionally, they can watch interactive videos and play games on the tablets, providing a comprehensive educational experience centred around the Tibidabo Funicular Amusement Park and the Collserola Natural Park.

Credit list

MIAS Architects & LEITNER
Sigma Cabins, Telefericos and Nieve
Barcelona City Council, PATSA Parc d'Atraccions del Tibidabo
Design team
Josep Miàs, Marc Subirana, Arnau Miàs, Mauro Soro

Designed by: MIAS Architects

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Adrià Goula

23 Jul, 2023

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