Now is the time to get your pool renovated for summer

Your swimming pool may need maintenance even over the winter months and Cascade Pools & Cascade Refurbishments can help with that

The time for pool refurbishment is now

Okay, pool playtime might be over when winter rolls in but this is an ideal time to make sure your pool is in great condition for next spring and summer.

For example, if you neglect your pool’s running needs over the colder months, your overall problems and potential costs when warm weather rolls around are likely to climb.

In addition, you’re looking at potential damage to your pool’s finished surfaces and running equipment if left to just 'winter over', even the possibility of having to deal with unsightly stains.

Some tips

Check chemical levels, the integrity of your pool lining surface and also maintain up keep on tiled surrounds or decking which could potentially lead to an accident. 

Your pump system should also be inspected as should the safe integrity of your pool cover.

Failure to check these key aspects over winter can lead to higher costs/waits later not to mention tears before pool time when the cry comes out: "Mum says the pool is out of bounds until we can get the pool sorted."

Tell-tale signs of your pool needing attention are:

  • Cracks in your pool walls or floor – hard pools like those made out of concrete or a hard shell or with a tiled finish have trouble adapting to ground movements, and are likely to crack over time
  • Osmosis bubbles and flaking fibreglass – pools made from fibreglass shells can degrade over time, being affected by the chemicals in the pool water and sunshine.
  • Tired and faded looking interior – refurbishing can bring a new lease of life and give you the chance to put your stamp on the pool with a new colour or pattern

Ultimately, call a professional

Best practice is to call a pool refurbishment professional such as respected nation-wide pool builder Cascade Pools.

Even if you don't proceed immediately with any refurbishment work at least you will have early warning and be able to budget for any work required before the temperature gauges climb again.

Visit the Cascade Pools website to talk about your pool's health here

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03 Jul, 2022

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